Bow-Legged Puppy Won’t Stop Playing After Surgery That Straightened His Legs


When you think of puppies, an image of a cute furball comes to your mind. Now, don’t you think that Duke the puppy wasn’t cute, but he was a bit special. His front legs were severely deformed and he couldn’t walk properly. Most people would think that this little guy had no chance to be a normal pooch, but he was playing like all puppies and awkwardly moving about.

But his story has just begun, and in the care of Little Paws of Love Rescue, little Duke has bloomed into a beautiful pooch. You won’t believe how he looks a few months later!

20. Born With Deformity

Little Duke was born with deformed legs, but as soon as he started walking, it looked like he didn’t know he was a little bit different than his siblings. But his bow-shaped legs didn’t ruin his fun…

19. An Ordinary Pooch

Just because he had a problem with his legs, that didn’t mean that Duke was going to back down and not play with his siblings or other pets. He was only two months old when he was found by a rescue organization.

18. A Difficult Life

The staff at the Little Paws of Love Rescue organization from Boca Raton, Florida, took Duke in after hearing he needed special medical attention. The poor pooch needed someone to love him… You won’t believe what happens next!

17. Someone to Look After Duke

This little fella needed a human to take good care of him. His special condition made it a little difficult, though… He was trying to fit in with the other pups, and we all know how full of energy they are! This is what he did.

16. A Blurry Photo

In one of the rescue photo, on Little Paws of Love Rescue’s Facebook page, you can see Duke. And if you’re wondering why the image is blurry, it’s because he can’t keep still. This dog really needed a miracle…

15. Won’t Let This Get In His Way

You can imagine how tough was for everyone to keep Duke from moving all the time! And seeing he was so set on storming down all the corridors, the Little Paws realized they had to give this guy a chance of normality!

14. Energy and Enthusiasm

So much energy and enthusiasm in this tiny dog of only two months meant a lot. And, even though Duke had a rough start, he was excited to see other pups, small and big, he was eager to run and play!

13. A Simple Coincidence

Although Duke was not lucky to get a normal life from the start, he was lucky enough to be taken from the Broward County Animal Care by Kristin Light Arias, who runs the Little Paws of Love. She was there for a different dog…

12. We’re taking This Pup Too!

So, when Kristin saw the little bow-legged dog, she couldn’t resist and took him too. But Kristin had plans for Duke. He was going to walk again, like a normal dog. So, she started raising funds for surgery.

11. An Important First Step

After the fundraising, Kristin could get Duke the surgery and help him get his legs straight. And you won’t believe it, but this poor puppy was ready to take his first steps after only a few days from the surgery!

10. Sitting Straight!

Duke was finally going to run around like a normal little puppy and he also learned some tricks. He looked a lot taller with his fixed legs at one week from the surgery! And he kept healing and growing…

9. Catch Him If You Can

Before the surgery, the staff at the rescue organization could easily catch Duke, but after weeks of recuperation, nobody was able to keep up with the little pup! And in the meantime, he also made new friends!

8. Saying Hi to These Ladies

At the Little Paws headquarters, Duke played with other puppies, but he also introduced himself to the resident cats. He is a very excited little pup that can now have a normal life ahead of him.

7. An American Bulldog

On a photo on their Facebook page, Little Paws said that Duke is a special American bulldog: ‘Baby Duke was once a very tiny injured boy; and now, he’s a handsome 5 months old, all healed up hunk’. They also said this…

6. Ready For Adoption

The description continued, saying that Duke is ready for adoption. He learned a lot in the meantime: ‘He is house trained, crate trained, great [with]kids & other dogs too!’

5. A Great Pooch

Looking at how happy and how well behaved Duke is, not to mention all his energy and eagerness, we’d say Duke is the best pooch a human could wish for. It’s only a matter of time until he gets a loving family.

4. Be a Hero

Dogs yearn for our affection and there are many of them that need a home and someone to care about them. Some are young, or old, and some are straight-legged or not, but they all need love and kindness.

3. Adopt, Don’t Shop

Rescue dogs can change your life. They need a home and in exchange, they will shower you with love and gratitude. If you cannot adopt, Little Paws’s website has a few tips on how to help with the rescues…

2. Be a Foster Parent, Donate or Volunteer

If you cannot adopt a pooch, you can consider fostering one until a home is found for them. Or, if you cannot foster, you can donate to the animals in need. And if that is not possible, you can be a volunteer.

1. Spread the Word

Even if you can’t do any of the things suggested by the staff at the Little Paws, you can still use your voice and spread ‘the word to others NOT to buy a dog but rather adopt a rescue.’


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