Woman Hears Noises At Her Doorstep, Takes A Look And Gasps At Discovery

There’s nothing weirder than to wake up one morning, ready to open the door for some fresh summer air and see that you have some uninvited visitors. For this woman from Calgary, Alberta, it was a mommy bobcat with her kittens. Apparently, they were checking the glass door, after scaring half the neighbors all summer long.

These babies and their mommy are truly adorable, but a lot of people are concerned. What did it happen and what did the Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials say?

20. A Shocking Visit



One day, when Katherine Reiffenstein went to open her door, she encountered a peculiar family. A bobcat mother and her babies were curiously looking at her through the door. This is what the wildlife officials said…

19. Looking For Food and Water



The officials from Alberta have informed their locals that sometimes wildlife comes searching for water and food, like this fox. And these cases happen a lot among residents from suburbs. They get their share of raccoons, like this lucky person from #17…

18. That’s Just Nuts!



No matter what, nature is sure willing to impress us with her random visitors. And while some people find baby deer in their pool, others get to see foxes on their porches! The next photo will leave you in awe!

17. Well, Hello There…


Encountering a wild animal on your doorstep can leave a lot of people baffled, as they don’t really know how to react. Should we scare them away? Should we wait and let them leave on their own? This is what Katherine did…

16. Other Weird Visitors


It’s a bit tricky to get to someone’s door on foot, so this bald eagle had no problem landing on a woman’s porch in Alaska. And you won’t believe it, but it’s the same porch where the previous fox appeared!

15. A Family of Adorable Fluffs


Although Katherine surely had a small panic attack seeing a bobcat on her front door, the feeling turned into a moment of absolute cuteness, looking at the baby kittens! They were so cuddly! Here’s what she said…

14. It Was Amazing!



‘I saw the mother and one kitten, and all of a sudden kittens just started popping up’, said Katherine in an interview. And she even got time to snap a few photos of her tiny visitors and the mom. She said she was very lucky!

13. A Unique Experience


Katherine then said that she has ‘never seen a wildcat before … I was quite lucky to see them’. There aren’t many cases of wild bobcats checking out the suburbs, but these were probably looking for food and water.

12. They’re Not Dangerous


These wild cats are not dangerous, as they scare away quickly. After checking Katherine’s door and yard, the mommy and her kittens went back to the woods and nobody saw them again. And there are many other cases…

11. Keep Your Distance


It’s always better to just stay away from the wild animals that visit your yard. So, the best choice would be to get inside a secured place, make sure that if you have pets, they’re also in the house and call animal control!

10. A Rare Sight


Seeing an entire bobcat family in your yard is pretty rare. But we’ve searched for similar cases and found a bobcat checking out a house cat through the door and another one sitting in a yard. You’ll be amazed!

9. Wildlife Sightings


There have been a lot of sightings of wildlife in Calgary and locals are accustomed to seeing them roaming from time to time through their yards. But it’s never a good thing to go out when this huge cat is sitting outside…

8. Is That a Mountain Lion?



This wild cat has a lot of thinking to do on the deck and the owner should not try to ruin the cat’s concentration. You wouldn’t want to annoy a cat of that size, or else you might need to set an appointment with a doctor!

7. Just Let Him Think!



Let the fella do his thing and finish that puzzle. You’re safe inside, and you also got your photos to prove you’ve had a very considerate visitor that just wanted to relax outside… However, this next bobcat really wanted inside the house!

6. Someone’s Angry…



You know that moment when you parked your car the wrong way and the neighbor came complaining. Well, this would be his face. Fortunately for you, your owner is less likely to have rabies, so don’t open your door to wild animals, especially if they seem to be aggressive!

5. Taking a Nap


This particular bobcat was just looking for a shady and comfy place to catch a nap. Little did he know that he would become the main attraction of the housecats. Guess what he did next…

4. High Five!



Wild cats, housecats, they all love to play. And when the bobcat saw that the cats wanted to interact, he started playing through the glass with them. It’s cute, but remember to not let your pets outside, as they could become the perfect prey…

3. A Mommy Brought Her Kitten


One day, a person saw in their yard a mother bobcat with her kitten. They hunted there for three months and even relaxed in the backyard. Here’s the cutest bobcat kitten ever!

2. It Was Awesome


The person that posted these images said that they saw the kitten ‘grow up in the months it was here.  Needless to say, that was awesome!’ And the wildlife officials recommend us all not to feed the wild animals!

1. Feeding the Animals is Forbidden


Feeding the wild animals will make them come back for more. They will grow accustomed to humans, making them easy targets for poachers. This way, many wild animals will come to search for more food in the cities and it could end badly for them, for our pets, and for the people!

On a funny note, we end this article with this bobcat staring at us!

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