No One Thought This Cat Would Make It, But Look At Him Now

It was a late June when a starving stray cat was found on the streets and taken to a shelter. Unfortunately, that place wouldn’t keep the cat for too long, as it was a kill shelter. So, when nobody gave this poor animal a chance, with even the vets thinking it was best to put this kitty down, a miracle happened. Someone posted a photo of the cat and that’s when Rachel Brown stepped in and she knew it…

The cat’s name is Jon Snow, and he showed them all he was willing to fight for his life!

20. Fighting For His Life

When Rachel Brown saw the cat’s photo, she decided to take action: ‘I saw its profile on the shelter listings online and decided that I needed him,” Rachel Brown said. When she got there, the shelter owner discouraged her…

19. Don’t Take Him

‘His profile said he was dehydrated, emaciated, and had a severe upper respiratory infection,’ said Rachel. And the shelter owner advised her not to adopt Jon, because he was very sick and the treatments would be too expensive!

18. It’s Not Worth It

Everyone except Rachel believed that the kitten was not worth the expenses. But Rachel said that it ‘basically solidified my decision and I told him I would be there the next day to pick him up’. And she returned!

17. Going to the Vet

Rachel took her kitten out of the shelter and to the nearest emergency vet. You won’t believe how the staff and the vets reacted when they saw Jon. Rachel said that ‘As soon as I arrived I just showed them the cat…’

16. Emergency Care

‘I had 4-5 people in the exam room tending to him. They took his blood and tested it. He came up coronavirus positive’, said Rachel. He was in a horrible condition and had a lot of diseases! You won’t believe what the vet said.

15. It Was a Sensitive Case

The staff at the animal clinic cut some of the matted fur, cleaned Jon’s face and weighed him. He was only 1.5 kg and about 1-2 years old. His mouth was full of ulcers and his body had many inflammations… But the kitty didn’t give up!

14. He Might Not Make It

Rachel went with the vet into the office where they explained how ill the kitty was and that, even with all the treatment and care, he might not make it. She had to take a decision: put him down or continue the treatment.

13. She Made Her Choice

‘I chose to treat him. I checked him into the hospital. For 5 days he was in the hospital,’ said Rachel. And, although she lived far from the hospital, she came to check on him daily.

12. The Second Day Came

Rachel said that ‘it was a 30-minute train ride from my town but I visited him every day after work.’ That’s when, on the second day, her hopes started to grow. She said ‘he was weak but stable…’

11. On The Third Day, Jon Started Eating

‘He hadn’t eaten any food, but the IV hadn’t caused him to throw up again either. On the third day he started to eat,’ remembers Rachel. You won’t believe what she did to make Jon eat his food!

10. Things Started To Look Better

Rachel ‘stood by his cage and said ‘eat Jon’, and he sniffed his food and started eating it. BEST thing ever.’ And that was just the beginning. On the fourth day, he started playing and exploring his surroundings.

9. The Blood Tests Were Great

It was unbelievable! Jon’s blood tests came and the levels were normal. The vets said that they’ve never seen such a fast recovery. So, on the sixth day, Rachel took Jon Snow to her house…

8. Continuing the Treatment

Jon received his medication for the stomach and URI, he needed ‘anti-bacterial and steroidal eye drops, anti-fungal cream on his face that had lost all its fur, and liver supplements,’ said his new mom. And he was getting better!

7. Like a New Cat

A few weeks of treatment and regular vet visits saved this kitten’s life. ‘At his checkup one week later, the vet said Jon was so healthy, all he needed was liver supplements every other day,’ said Rachel. Look at him now!

6. A Miracle Kitten

Rachel said that she’s been keeping an eye on Jon and seeing him getting better day after day was truly a miracle. And Jon soon found out what it meant to be a loved cat. He discovered his first cardboard box and immediately knew what to do with it!

5. The Best Cat In The World

After getting to the house, Rachel saw that Jon knew how to go to his litter box! And he is the sweetest little ball of fur, said Rachel: ‘He follows me around my apartment and always wants to be near me’.

4. The Coziest Place to Nap

Jon Snow prefers to take his naps with his favorite human: ‘He sleeps with me in my bed and sometimes right on top of my head on my pillow.’ And he’s quite the goof, said Rachel…

3. Jon is Very Chatty

Looking at Jon, you see a cat, but Rachel said that ‘he loves to roll over on his back and get tummy scratches like a little puppy.’ And he even loves to chat: ‘He talks to me so much in little chirps.’

2. A New Life For Jon

Jon is now double the size he was, and he gained 1.5 kg in six weeks! His fur grew back, as you’ve seen, and he is stunning! He literally blossomed into a fluff!

1. Enjoying His Life

The once matted kitten, who was on the brink of death is now a healthy furry cat that loves to discover everything in the house, especially the Christmas tree. He is very famous on both Instagram – jonsnowupdates, and on Facebook – @jonsnowrescuekitty.

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