Homeless Dog Changes Lives Thousands Of Miles Away From The Beach She Was Found

On her walks during a vacation, Valia Orfanidou who lives in Athens, Greece, usually takes all her dogs with her. She gets out, explores new places and the dogs get an opportunity to also see new places and enjoy the time spent in the outdoors with their beloved human mommy.

But one day, Valia discovered a pup, which proved to be quite a pleasant surprise. You won’t believe what happened after Valia approached the pup!

20. A Homeless Puppy


On her walk to the beach, Valia saw a homeless dog. She got closer and inspected the dog to see if it was healthy. The woman saw the pup was doing fine, but she still had a weird feeling about it. Little did she know this would happen…

19. An Animal Lover


We’ve heard of Valia Orfanidou’s amazing job with rescuing and rehabilitating injured and stray dogs. She said that ‘when you are an animal lover living in Greece, you simply get used to lonely stray dogs wandering around everywhere’.

18. Rescuing Some of The Strays


Greece has a lot of stray dogs on the streets, so knowing that she couldn’t save them all, she only chose ‘to rescue the ones that can’t make it on the streets: the sick, emaciated or hurt ones, the newborns, and the pregnant females.’ But there was something special about this dog!

17. But This Pup Was Healthy…


‘There was something about her that made her life as a stray extremely vulnerable’, said Valia, thinking about the pup she found on the beach. She felt a sense of urgency and ended up taking the stray with her…

16. This Dog Was Different


Valia saw that this stray was very affectionate, while many strays are either afraid of humans or aggressive. But this adorable pooch wanted some cuddles. And soon, Valia would find out more about this dog!

15. Give Me Rubs!


After the pup saw that Valia would be kind to give her some attention, she rolled over to have her belly rubbed. The dog wanted some love! That’s what made the woman keep an eye on the pup while still walking on the beach…

14. Saying Hi to Others


While Valia was still strolling on the beach, she kept looking at the stray, who also found other families and started following them, playing in the sand and chasing cars. Then it was time to go…

13. Couldn’t Get Any Sleep


Valia couldn’t stop thinking about the stray pup. She said that she ‘couldn’t sleep for two days, trying to find a way to take her off that beach as soon as possible’. So, she decided to help the pup!

12. Fostering the Dog


Valia went back to the beach and took the stray dog to her house. She was going to live for a while with her. She said: ‘I named her Blue for the blue sea that kept her company for the first few months of her life’.

11. Back to Greece


When Valia went back to Greece, she called the Second Chance Rescue Society to find a home for Blue. But it proved to be a very long journey to Blue’s new home, as she was going to get a great surprise!

10. Toward the Netherlands


A Dutch family just lost their beloved dog named Abbaio. Both Abbaio and the second family dog, Rincewind, were therapy dogs that helped people with Alzheimer’s and dementia in the Netherlands. Wondering what Blue has to do with this family? Keep on reading to find out!

9. Everyone Was Grieving The Loss of Abbaio


Not only the family was sad because Abbaio passed away, but the patients were also in tears. But when Second Chance Animal Rescue Society posted a photo on Facebook of Blue, Karin Folkerts, the Dutch woman, immediately fell in love!

8. It Was Meant to Be


The Dutch family didn’t need time to consider anything, so Karin said in an interview: ‘We immediately pushed the contact button, and before we know it, we were called’. Valia was checking to see if the family was good for Blue and what happened next surprised everyone!

7. A Perfect Fit


It turned out that Blue and the Folkerts were perfect for each other! Blue was going to get to the Netherlands. So, her rescuer and the people with the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society prepared the pooch for the journey…

6. A Forever Home


Blue was soon going to get to her forever home. And the pup was very lucky! There was a couple in Greece that came to spend their vacation there, and they were supposed to get back to their home in the Netherlands. So…

5. Getting Some Company


So, they immediately offered to accompany the pup after hearing Blue’s story. And when Blue got to her new home, guess how Rincewind reacted? This is what her new owner said about the first moments in the house.

4. Making Friends


‘Rincewind … immediately fell in love with her. That was so sweet and she was so welcome. Rincewind and [Blue] are BFFs,’ said Karin. And Blue was now going to become a therapy dog, just like Rincewind was!

3. Visiting Patients


Soon after being trained as a therapy dog, which was quite fast, Blue started visiting nursing home patients. Katrin said that Blue ‘doesn’t have problems with people no matter what they are doing’.

2. It Feels Like Forever


‘I realize it is just three months ago that Blue came to live with us. It feels like she was here [forever],’ said Karin. From walking aimlessly and searching for people to give her the much-needed attention, Blue found a perfect home.

1. A Good Feeling


It seems that Valia’s weird feeling about this stray dog paid off. Now Blue offers assistance to people that need it and she gets a ton of love too! This puppy now has a purpose, a loving home and a best friend to play with!

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