Boy Adopts Small Puppy, Surprised At What He Turns Into

We all remember the day when we adopted our first pet. But a young man will never forget when he saw the sign on a house in Tucson, Arizona that said ‘free puppy’. The curiosity got the best of him and he found himself knocking at the door and asking to see the puppy. It was love at first sight: the puppy had big amber eyes and funny ears. He was perfect!

The man took his next best friend home and named him Neo. But his puppy grew and became more of a pest rather than a pet…

20. A Handful

Neo was quite a demanding little pooch. And he was also acting a bit weird and way too needy. He was nervous and easily frightened. Car rides were an actual hell for Neo that peed and pooped in it…

19. Puppy Neo Was a Different Kind of Puppy

Neo always wanted to stay by his owner’s side, which was impossible, because the young man had to go to college and to his full-time job. So Neo would stay alone in the backyard. That’s when he started doing this.

18. Then It Dawned on Him

Neo started getting bigger and the previous little pup turned into a dog that looked more like a wolf. Actually, Neo was a wolf: amber eyes, coarse coat, and his long body were proof that he was not a dog. And he needed a pack!

17. Escaping From the Yard

The ‘dog’ would dig his way to his neighbors’ dogs and play with them. He was searching for a pack of his own.

At first, the neighbors liked Neo’s visits. But he wasn’t interested in socializing with humans and he didn’t like treats either. That’s when things started being weird…

16. It Was Annoying

Neo kept on finding a way to get to the neighbors’ dogs, even if his owner built a bigger and a better fence. He even chewed the fence to escape the yard. And the neighbors had enough, something had to be done!

15. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona

Neo’s neighbor took him to the shelter to see if there was something he could do with it until the owner comes. That’s when the former CEO of the shelter, Maureen O’Nell, saw the ‘dog’. Here’s what she said…

14. ‘I Was Outside’

Maureen was outside before the opening hours with a staff member. She then said: ‘I saw a couple walking a long-legged canine to the front door. It wasn’t his body composition that made me notice, but his behavior.’ Heres why…

13. The Dog Was Not a Dog…

‘Neo was completely avoidant of human interaction. The couple walking him seemed, as best as I can describe it, perplexed,’ continued Maureen. She then approached the couple and asked them this…

12. The Awkward Conversation

‘You know that isn’t a dog, right?’ asked Maureen the couple. Their answer was even more shocking. They responded, “we were wondering”…

11. It’s Illegal to Own a Wolf in Arizona

Maureen checked the laws in Arizona and found out that if you’re not a Native American or you don’t have a special permit, owning a wolf-dog in that state is illegal. If they shelter took Neo in, they had to report the case to authorities.

10. Finding the Best Solution

But Maureen had an idea that could save Neo. She contacted ‘Wolf Connection’, a wolf sanctuary in California. She found out that they could take Neo. Now it was time she checked in with the owner…

9. The Owner Agreed To It

O’Nell told the owner that the wolf will lead a great life at the sanctuary and he finally accepted it. She said: ‘I told him I was proud of his decision. His boy had a wonderful life ahead of him at Wolf Connection’. You won’t believe hoe the wolf reacted when he got to the sanctuary!

8. Going to His New Home

Neo was one spoiled wolf! When he reached the sanctuary, his health condition was excellent. However, he had to stay in isolation for a short time to get medical clearance for the vet. But you know Neo…

7. Neo Was Stubborn

Cate Salansky at the Wolf Connection remembers what Neo did in his first moments after being kept in the isolation kennel: ‘Neo decided that he didn’t like being kept so far away from the rest of the pack…’

6. So, He Escaped!

He escaped the isolation kennel and went straight to the habitat of Wolf Connection’s alpha female, Maya,’ continued Salansky. That’s what we call love at first sight! And then he did something even more amazing!

5. The Howling

On the first night Neo arrived, he even joined the howls that take place each night the team leaves the sanctuary at night. O’Nell said that Neo ‘didn’t wait to see where he fit in with the pack. He knew he belonged.’

4. Finding the Pack

Finally, Neo had his own pack and he didn’t need to escape his yard to play with them. It’s so weird that the young man found a ‘free puppy’ and ended up to be a wolf. Some other U.S. states have strict regulations to avoid such situations.

3. Is My Dog a Wolf?

If you’ve just adopted a pup and you don’t know if it’s a wolf or not, look at his body. A wolf has fur inside his ears and on all of his belly. He has black claws and on the tail there are some scent glands shaped like diamonds.

2. A Wolf-Dog Can Look Like a Dog

And if you’re not certain 100%, check his behavior. Just like Neo, wolfs don’t like people and they will always try to escape his confinements. And if you’re looking for a wolf-dog, Giulia Cappelli with the Wolf Connection says not to!

1. Don’t Get a Wolf-Dog!

Giulia Cappelli said that ‘more than 70 percent of all wolf-dogs in the U.S. are euthanized on a yearly basis […]. No matter how good their intentions are, it doesn’t end well in most cases.’

It’s so great that Neo got to live with others like him and that he is now part of a pack and no longer a lonely wolf.

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