Beluga Whales Circle Kayaker As He Sings To Them, Then Something Amazing Happens

It’s a great experience to be in the open ocean, where you encounter all kinds of animals. A kayaker wanted to meet some special animals and he was told to use his voice to draw them close. So, with music being a universal language, the man starts singing some tunes to the marine mammals. But little did he know that soon they will surround his kayak.

Amazed by their reaction, he wonders what would happen if he’d dive to sing for them underwater. You won’t believe the animals’ reaction!

20.Kayaking Tour

Paul English is a Scottish freelance journalist. He was kayaking in Manitoba when he found out from a tour guide at Lazy Bear Expeditions that he could meet whales. He had to sing to make them come close to his kayak…

19.Ready to Get Them

Paul used his GoPro camera to film his next moments and we’re so happy he did it. This is what he said: ‘Forget BBC telly hit Blue Planet II, which features whales this weekend’… He would deliver something amazing!

18.A Personal Nature Series

‘With my GoPro strapped to my head, whooping around on the sea, I was filming my very own nature series – WHOO Planet,’ said English. So, he started his journey and did what the tour guide recommended…

17.Singing to An Audience

‘As I kayaked, a tour guide at Lazy Bear Expeditions, […] told me to sing and make high-pitched sounds to attract the whales as we kayaked in the Churchill River.’ English started singing and right after that, a crowd gathered!

16. Luring Them Out

Paul’s intention was to lure a few belugas. But little did he know that he will also be chased by them. He didn’t think he would get to see one close, and he got more than he ever dreamed of. And that’s not all!

15. They Warned the Kayaker

‘THEY said the whales were inquisitive. They warned they might get close to the kayak.’ said Paul as he was filming, adding that ‘no-one told me I’d be CHASED around the sea by playful beluga whales […] for the best part of AN HOUR.’ And then, this amazing thing happened…

14. A Great Experience

Paul English has had a great experience, even though at times he could barely keep his balance in the kayak with the whales brushing by it. And we’re not talking about just a whale. Wait till you see how many there were!

13. No Problem!

He looked around him as he ‘let rip with Arcade Fire’s Wake Up, […] The Gap Band’s Oops Upside Your Head and Deacon Blue’s The Believers’ in lyrics that were more whale-themed. He then saw belugas popping up!

12. He Used What He Had

Paul said that he didn’t have Radiohead or Hans Zimmer music like David Attenborough, so he just used his own voice. And it looks like that was enough to draw the attention. Then he makes a bold decision… this is what he said.

11. Into the Water

The Scottish man said that after his ‘encounter with the enchanting rare mammals’, he decided to take a boat and dive among them. He wanted to see their reaction as he would try to sing underwater. You won’t believe what the whales did!

10. Freezing Waters

Hudson Bay had freezing waters, but Paul wasn’t going to let it spoil his fun. So he went ahead to get a closer look and sing to the belugas. ‘Tethered to a rigid inflatable boat by a rope’, he dived into the water.

9. The Same Advice

‘Again, the advice was to sing. This time, The Flaming Lips’ hit ‘Do You Realize’ drew the ghostly figures close,’ said Paul English. The man knew his music and, apparently, the whales were happy to come hear him sing.

8. The Sea Canaries

Beluga whales are also known as ‘sea canaries’, as they will happily make sounds, even though they don’t have vocal cords. But what Paul didn’t expect was to hear them sing back to him. He was shocked!

7. Joining In For Some Tunes

‘They even seemed to join in with an underwater cacophony of squeaks, clicks, and whistles’, described Paul after his adventure. The sounds came from the structures on their heads that look like a melon.

6. That’s How they ‘Talk’

The noises made by belugas are a way of communication between the members of their pod. They will whistle and chirp and some captive belugas can even mimic human voices! English saw some belugas in captivity…

5. Raising Awareness

‘I once had the misfortune to see belugas in captivity in Valencia, and many are taken from the sub-Arctic and held in tanks in aquariums around the world.’ That was surely an experience he didn’t like to see!

4. Belugas Are Hunted

‘They’re also still legally hunted in some communities,’ said Paul. So, this encounter in the wild made for an unforgettable memory. Seeing them in their natural habitat was the best moment in his life…

3. A One of a Kind Moment

Paul said that his ‘days singing with the belugas are days I’ll never forget’. English got everything he would ever want to: get a sing-along with the belugas.

2. It Might Seem Frightening

Of course, his experience could seem a bit terrifying when seeing how big the whales were, but they were very sweet and friendly to actually get scared of their curious nature.

1. The Ocean is Amazing

The ocean might be big, wavy and scary, but it also houses these adorable mammals. Paul English had the adventure of his life and he will always remember the belugas that sang with him underwater

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