After His Owner Died, This Dog Waited For Him In From Of The Hospital For 4 Months

All over the world, dogs have proved us that they’re our heroes. But once in a while, some dogs’ stories are just unbelievable! Take this poor dog from Novo Horizonte, Brazil, who wouldn’t leave his owner’s side, even if the man was no longer alive.

The dog was living with a 59-year-old homeless man. But one night, his human got stabbed in the streets and an ambulance came to take him away. That’s when the chase begins… The dog’s loyalty didn’t waver! You won’t believe what happened after!

20. A Brutal Fight

The dog’s owner got stabbed in a street fight and got seriously injured. After the ambulance came and took the man, the dog didn’t wait in the street. He started chasing the vehicle and he made it to the hospital.

19. The Good Boy

The director of the hospital said that the dog behaved like a good boy and he didn’t enter the building. But he patiently waited for his owner. Little did the poor dog know that his owner would never walk through those doors…

18. Waiting at the Entrance

The poor dog kept waiting at the entrance of the Santa Casa hospital for his human. Cristine Sardella, a lawyer, passed by this dog and couldn’t ignore his situation. So, she posted the dog’s story on social media. Everyone was heartbroken!

17. Local News Came to See the Dog

Cristine Sardella talked to a local newspaper and told them that the dog lays in front of a rug. You can find him in front of the hospital’s reception. The dog kept on waiting for two months!

16. The Hospital Staff Loved Him

All that time the dog patiently waited for his master, the staff at the hospital took care of him. They gave him food and blankets to keep him warm in the cold days. This is what the hospital director said…

15. Four Months of Waiting

‘He’s extremely tame, docile and quiet,’ said Osvaldo Palota Sobrinho, the hospital director. And then two more months passed, with the dog unwilling to move from the hospital’s doors. The staff started looking for a home. And then this happens…

14. A Local Shelter

After contacting local kennels, the dog was ready to get a shelter. The kennels were 3 km away from the hospital. Workers came to take the dog and they found him a family. But the pooch had other plans.

13. Running Back to His Duty

The dog was ready to be adopted when he escaped from the kennels and made a run back to the hospital. Sardella said that the dog ‘fled across the city. He walked over 3 kilometers and returned to the hospital’.

12. Heartbreaking Scenes

In her Facebook post, Sardella writes: ‘This dog stays every day at the door of the Santa Casa de ovo Horizonte hospital waiting for its owner who unfortunately passed away. He stares inside the hospital, gives the impression that the owner is waiting.’

11. Waiting in Vain

The lawyer continued: ‘He may be waiting in vain, but the love he feels for his owner is eternal.’ Finally, one of the hospital staff adopted the dog, naming him Champion. She took him to the vet and then to her home…

10. Champion is a Winner

His new owner is Leticia Fatima Nawas Botoluci and works at that hospital. She considers her dog to be a winner. Even though he’s not Hachiko, Champion should also get his own statue, because he deserves it! But wait, there’s more…

9. Capitan, the German Shepherd

It’s difficult to make animals understand death, especially when their best friend dies. Capitan, the German shepherd, ran away from home after Miguel Guzman – his owner, died in 2006. He disappeared for one week until the family found him…

8. Sitting on the Grave

The family searched for Capitan. A member of the family says: ‘The following Sunday we went to the cemetery and Damian recognized his pet. Capitan came up to us, barking and wailing as if he were crying’.

7. He Found the Tomb

The cemetery director saw the dog. He said: ‘He turned up here one day, all on his own, and started wandering all around the cemetery until he eventually found the tomb of his master’. Capitan walks in the cemetery during the day, but at ‘six o’clock sharp, he lies down on top of the grave and stays there all night’. The next story is even more heartbreaking…

6. Negão Lost His Owner Too

Negão, just like Champion, lost his owner and waited for him 8 months in front of the Ruth Cardoso Hospital, in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The dog followed the ambulance to the hospital and then waited… His master didn’t come out…

5. Checking For His Owner

Months after his owner was brought to the hospital, Negão perks up to see who the person on the stretcher is, hoping it’s his owner… Staff at the hospital took care of him and they even found him a home.

4. A New Life

Negão had two families and he escaped from their houses to return to the hospital. So, they found a solution. A local animal charity takes care of Negão’s health and vaccines and he gets walked every day.

3. The Painful Truth

The hospital official said that Negão will stay with them until he decides to leave: ‘As long as he remains here, we will give all the care, warmth and love he needs.’

Homeless people and their dogs are a sad image of our busy streets. They love each other, but sometimes, these tragedies can happen…

2. Hachiko’s Story

Hachiko’s story became worldwide famous. He was Hidesaburō Ueno’s pet and he would always follow his master to commute and say goodbye at the train station. One day, Ueno didn’t return… But Hachiko kept waiting for him.

1. The Faithful Dog

Each day, Hachiko waited for his master and only death stopped him from appearing at the station. He waited for nine years, nine months and 15 days for Ueno to return at the same hour when the train would get to the station.

Hachiko died at 11 years old of terminal cancer and filaria infection. His ashes were buried next to his master’s body.

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