Adopted Kitty Meets Kuzma, The ‘Foxy’ Best Friend

Life without having a best friend seems so dull. You don’t have someone to celebrate all the good stuff or to support you when you need it. And finding the perfect friend is also difficult. But once you find someone with a similar personality, you know it’s them…

The same happened to this tiny fennec fox, called Kuzma, that couldn’t get along with the family dog. Seeing he was lonely, his human mom Milana from Moscow Russia, came with a plan! Beware, cuteness incoming!

20.  Kuzma, the Tiny Fox

This fennec fox is only two years old and he is living in Moscow with Milana and her partner. They’ve both adopted Kuzma as their pet and they love him very much. But Kuzma had a difficult time when he arrived…

19. Feeling Blue

The couple also has an old dog, but Kuzma didn’t like the pooch, and he made it clear. He loves everyone else and constantly plays around. The fox was healthy and nothing was missing. But Kuzma appeared to feel lonely.

18. Getting a Friend

The fox was 3-months-old when he was adopted. If they would have gotten it later, he would have been more difficult to domesticate. Then the couple realized that their baby fox needed a friend to romp with.

17. Dogs Are Not Kuzma’s Thing…

‘Kuzma is very friendly’, said Milana. ‘In the beginning, we took a dog, but they did not get on well together,’ she continues. They decided to get a fitting friend. You won’t believe how famous Kuzma is!

16. That’s an Achievement!

Not many people on Instagram can get so many followers as Kuzma has. 130K people check out videos and pictures of him, his human parents and his best friend in crime and cuddles. Let’s meet him…

15. ‘Fennec Foxes Need Friends’

Milana knew that the type of fox she has needs to socialize with other animals, so they got Kuzma a cat: ‘we needed to have’, said the human mom. So they got Zima, a beautiful British Shorthair that fit Kuzma’s needs. And then the fun times started…

14. The Perfect Friend

When Kuzma first saw Zima, it was love at first sight. They immediately became BFFs and became inseparable ever since. They’re so fun to watch around the house when they play hide and seek!

13. Tail Chasing

You can imagine why these goofballs became internet sensations, with their humans filming and photographing all the funny and adorable moments. Their flat is filled with laughter ever since they have Kuzma and Zima around.

12. Barking and Snarling and Meowing

If you watch their videos, you can hear the fox barking, snarling and the cat meowing, both playing and chasing each other’s tails. Sometimes, they sprint so fast that you can’t follow their moves. And sometimes…

11. Chilling on the Sofa

When their energy’s been drained, it’s time for naps and cuddles with a little bit of licking from Zima. Their mother said that ‘they are the best friends, even sleep together hugging.’ When it’s time to sleep, guess where Kuzma is!

10. Sleepy Fox

When it’s time to sleep, Kuzma prefers the ‘warmest place’. So you will often see the tiny fox relaxing at the window in a sunny spot, and carefully watching outside. In the morning, Kuzma is full of energy. Wait for it…

9. ‘Hysterically Happy’

‘In the morning, he is always happy… I’d say sometimes even hysterically happy’, said Milana. And Zima is around to make sure Kuzma is alright because he’s not only the playmate, but he’s also the nanny, or how she calls him, a ‘multifunctional friend’.

8. It’s a Normal Friendship

We all know that some best friends can be a bit annoying and it also happens to this odd couple. Kuzma chases his furry kitty and plays with her tail. And as a sweet revenge, Zima will sit on Kuzma’s head. That would make them even!

7. Feeding Kuzma

This tiny fox is quite picky. Milana said that he will only accept veggies and fruits from ‘market stalls’, and not from the food store. ‘Also, he eats the usual poultry, eggs, and porridge but he is partial to stealing sweets.’

6. A Fierce Attitude

Fennec foxes live in North Africa and are the tiniest foxes on the planet, making them extra cute. Their giant ears add a lot of charm and when it comes to personality, they’re pretty much like dogs.

5. Cute Pups

So, when Milana adopted a fennec fox, she knew that she would get a tiny and cute looking ‘dog’. The Spruce says that raising a fennec fox since they’re just pups will make them ‘docile, only biting if feeling cornered or threatened’.

4. Doggy Training

They can also be trained to accept walks on a leash and will learn to come when called. However, it’s best to have them leashed when you go outside. The best part about fennec foxes?

3. Extra Friendly

Fennec Foxes are very courageous and curious, so they will not be afraid of strangers. Moreover, they approach them and would even start to play with them. And this could be a concern if you have other pets…

2. Dude, Stop It!

Fennec Foxes are full of energy and, if they don’t have to worry about fending for themselves, they would play all the time. This could be annoying to other pets, but we already know that Zima will sit on Kuzma to punish him.

1. ‘I’m Not a Dog’

Check out more of Kuzma and Zima’s adventures on their Instagram page that says: ‘I’m not a dog, I’m the real tiny fox fennec, named Kuzma.’ They promise to deliver cuteness and fun every day! They are so adorable and we’re in love with them!

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