Blind Dog Falls Into Freezing Waters, Firefighters Come To The Rescue

Dogs are loyal and protective pets that fill our lives with joy. They would do anything for us and this is why we need to help them every time they get in trouble. Our story starts near Lake Ontario in Canada where Inge, an 11-year-old blind dog fell into the freezing lake. Luckily, the people who saw that knew exactly what to do to save the pooch.

20. Needing Help

This white puppy is Inge. He is 11 years-old and he is blind which makes it hard for him to stay safe on his own. Let’s find out how he managed to fall into the lake.

19. How It All Started

Inge’s owner was staying in a car line waiting to board the ferry near lake Ontario, Canada. Inge needed to pee and his owner decided to let him out of the car. Little did he know, Inge would give him the scare of his life!

18. Lake Ontario

This story takes place during the winter and Lake Ontario’s waters were freezing. Sadly, Inge didn’t see where he was going and he fell into the lake. To make things even worse, the dog started swimming away from the dock since he didn’t saw where he was going…

17. Calling The Firefighters

On the bright side of things, someone who saw what Inge was going through got the right idea on how to save him. That person called the firefighters and told them that someone fell in the lake and isn’t able to get out.

16. Getting To Work

The firefighters arrived there in no time and they quickly got to work. Even though they realized that it isn’t a person who fell into the lake, they still did their job. Do you think they were able to pull Inge out of the freezing waters?

15. Grabbing Inge

The firefighters came equipped with a long pole that helped them grab Inge by his back. However, their mission was far from over since they still needed to get him out of there.

14. A Helping Hand

The firefighters were getting closer to the pup and things were looking good. On the downside, their hands couldn’t reach Inge and the firefighters needed to come out with a new idea.

13. Life Boat

Seeing how their hands were not long enough to grab the poor dog, the firefighters dropped into the water and brought a lifeboat with them. As we can clearly see, Inge was finally safe. But staying in the water for such long time caused him some problems…

12. The Dog Is Safe

The firefighters finally got Inge out of the water. This was amazing news, especially for the dog’s owner because he was terrified. Let’s see what happened next.

11. Getting Warm

Even though Inge was out of the water, the firefighters still needed to make sure that he doesn’t get sick. How do you think they managed to do that?

10. Warm Towels

The firefighters used warm towels to make Inge feel better. The pooch was lucky that the firefighters came to save him because his chances of survival were low if the rescuers didn’t move so fast. However, Inge isn’t the only animal to be saved by firefighters.

9. Thirsty Koala

As you can clearly see, firefighters love giving a helping hand to all types of animals and not just dogs. Their bravery is something to be admired.

8. Scared Cat

Just look at how sad this poor little cat looks like. Luckily, the firefighters saved her just in time before the house she lived in burned down.

7. Baby Owl

Cats and dogs are not the only pets that need saving, owls do too! This firefighter is happy that he managed to pull the baby owl out of the burning house right in time.

6. Car Crash

This picture shows us a brave firefighter who decided to take a moment and calm the dog who was in a car crash. Not many people would take the time to do that in a chaotic moment like that and this shows us how special firefighters really are.

5. Clingy Cat

This cat is surely never letting go of his rescuer! House fires are some of the most horrible things ever and firefighters are truly brave for going head on into the fire in order to save the people and animals who are trapped.

4. The Oxygen Mask

This man took his own oxygen mask off in order to give this poor doggy a bit of fresh air. Isn’t this picture heartwarming?

3. That Look!

You know what’s the most amazing thing about this picture? The grateful look that cat gives to the firefighter in the last picture. The upcoming picture will make your heart melt!

2. Tiny Kitten

This tiny kitten fell into the sewers but luckily, this brave firefighter went down for her! His big smile tells it all.

1. Exhausted

As you can clearly tell, this firefighter looks exhausted! He even gave his oxygen mask to this cat that was trapped in a burning house.

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