Brave Young Boy Jumps In Angry Waters To Save Drowning Baby Deer

Today’s story is going to show you what bravery is all about! A young boy from Bangladesh risked his own life to save an animal in need. The boy’s name is Belal and his amazing adventure was captured by a photographer who managed to be at the right place, at the right time.

20. Lending A Helping Hand

Our story starts when a young boy from Bangladesh spotted a baby deer who needed his help. The deer was trapped in the angry waters of a nearby river and it didn’t have any chance to survive.

19. The Noakhali River

The baby deer was stuck in the Noakhali river which is located right next to Bangladesh. People who live in the area known not to get in the river because the water runs fast, but the animals still go in there. Let’s see why they do that.

18. Water Source

It’s not that the animals around the place don’t recognize how dangerous this river can be, they get in it because they don’t have any other water source.

17. Thirsty Deer

Considering that this river is the only water source around that place, no one should be surprised that deer come there to drink water whenever they feel thirsty. Sadly, baby deer don’t have enough strength to resist the water’s pull!

16. Baby Deer

Even though their legs are short and don’t have enough power to resist the river’s waters, baby deer still come to dip inside it. This is how our story starts because Belal, the young boy, spotted a baby deer drowning in the middle of the river. What he did next will amaze you.

15. The Boy Spots a Drowning Deer

Even though the water is deep, Belal jumped in it. He wanted to save the baby deer because he knew that the odds were stacked against it.

14. Going Deep

The water was getting quite deep, but Belal was not backing away! This is a brave boy and there’s no doubt about that. The upcoming picture will send shivers down your spine!

13. Deep Waters

As you can clearly tell, Belal was finding it difficult to cross the river. The man who took these photographs started fearing for Belal’s life, but what happened next left him in awe!

12. He Grabs The Deer!

Belal finally reaches the deer and he raises her in his arms. The deer was finally out of the water, but Belal still needed to somehow get to the shore.

11. Holding His Breath

Not being able to swim with the baby deer in his arms, Belal had no other option than to hold his breath and try to walk. Luckily, he managed to get out of the deep water in only a couple of seconds.

10. Belal Is Out!

Belal was finally out of the deep water. However, this didn’t mean that his mission was over because the water was filled with mud and he could barely walk through it.

9. Belal Is Doing His Best

Even though walking through the mud is not an easy task, Belal was doing his best. He started moving step by step in order to make sure that he doesn’t drop the baby deer.

8. Angry Waters

Despite fighting against the river’s angry waters, Belal finally made it close to the shore! The photographer couldn’t believe what he was seeing and he kept on taking photos.

7. Close To The Shore

After walking through water that went over his head and going through sticky mud, Belal managed to save the baby deer. This was a sight to behold and Belal was proud of his selfless actions.

6. The Baby Deer Is Safe

Now that the baby deer was safe, Belal wanted to make sure that it can find its family. This is why the boy did this next amazing thing.

5. Helping The Baby Deer

The baby deer didn’t have enough strength in her legs to get up, but Belal was there to lend her a helping hand.

4. Standing Up

With the help of Belal, the baby deer got back on its feet. Now that the baby deer was able to walk, it started looking towards the woods. What was the animal looking for?

3. To The Woods

Without giving it any second thought, Belal helped the baby deer run towards the woods. He knew that someone was waiting for her.

2. Family Reunion

Even though Belal didn’t see this happen, he hopes that the baby deer was reunited with her family after running into the woods. Nonetheless, Belal proved that he is a good person by putting his health at risk to save the drowning baby deer.

1. Brave Boy

Do you agree that Belal is a brave young man? There aren’t that many people who do what he did and this makes him truly special.

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