Creepy Dog Becomes Internet Sensation After People See His Eyes

There are many pictures that “broke” the internet, but today we have something truly special. It all started when a woman posted a picture of her pet Yogi and someone noticed something special about him. The dog’s face looked like a human! Don’t believe me? Well, then make sure to check out #16 and #9.

20. Yogi

This little fella is called Yogi and he is now one of the most popular dogs in the world. The internet is going crazy about him and you won’t believe why!

19. Normal Dog

Yogi is a normal dog who loves life. His owner says that Yogi is always running around the house and that there’s never a dull moment when he is around. Although, things started getting weird when his owner posted this next picture on social media.

18. There’s Something Weird About Yogi

Yogi’s owner posted this picture and a Twitter user noticed something weird about him. The dog looked like a famous movie celebrity!

17. He Looks Like Paul Rudd

The dog resemblances the famous movie star Paul Rudd! Don’t you see it? Well, then this next picture will make it clearer for you.

16. A Better Look

The resemblance is just too uncanny! The dog really does have human features and this made the internet go crazy. Stick around to see what happened after people found out that Yogi looks like a human.

15. Human Eyes

The thing that made Yogi look like a human the most is his eyes. This is when the internet stared creating hilarious pictures of Yogi. Stick around for the following pictures because they are going to crack you up!

14. Anthony Hopkins

One Twitter user disagreed that he looks like Paul Rudd and decided to swap him out for Anthony Hopkins. Although, this is not where these hilarious pictures end…

13. Other Celebrities

As you can clearly tell, Yogi looks like many celebrities. Isn’t it crazy that a cute dog can look so much like some of our favorite actors? But there a few things that you should also know about…

12. Cute Doggy

Despite being a cute puppy, Yogi was in the spotlight for something entirely different. You won’t believe how hilarious the next picture is!

11. Ron Swanson

If they ever plan on creating an animal version of Parks and Rec, then Yogi surely has a role on that show. His mustache makes him a perfect fit for Ron Swanson.

10. Internet Celebrity

Even though Yogi is now a famous internet celebrity, he didn’t forget where he left off. His owner says that he is still playing around the house all day and that he loves spending time with his other dog friend.

9. Human Face

Nonetheless, no one can deny that Yogi’s face looks human. Those eyes just make it seem like he is a middle-aged man who isn’t in the mood for taking pictures.

8. Ed Sheeran

It seems that Yogi can always start a career as Ed Sheeran’s doppelganger if things don’t work for him. However, there is still one more celebrity that Yogi looks like!

7. Jake Gylenhaal

After looking at these pictures, I think it’s safe to say that Yogi will make lots of money if a huge company like Disney decides to recreate famous movies and to place dogs instead of actors. This wouldn’t be the first time that happened.

6. Internet Celebrity

Even though Yogi is now an internet celebrity, he doesn’t let that affect his life too much. Yogi is still a normal dog and his mind is set on chewing shoes, not on taking over the internet.

5. Cool Dog

How would you react if you realized your pet’s face looks like a movie celebrity? I for one would love it!

4. Unique Dog

This is the first time we see a dog with such human-like face features and this makes Yogi quite unique. However, this doesn’t make him different in his owner’s eyes!

3. Regular Dog

Despite being an internet sensation and having a strange face, Yogi’s owner says that she still sees him as a regular everyday dog.

2. Funny Looking Dog

Yogi’s owner says that the only thing different about her dog now that she has seen how much he resemblances famous celebrities is that his face makes her laugh. What she said next will make your heart melt.

1.True Love

The owner also said that even though the internet might be going crazy about how weird he looks, she will love him no matter what! Now, this is how strong the bond between a dog and his owner can get.

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