Woman Sends Text To Wrong Number, Ends Up Changing That Person’s Life!

There are thousands of stories about people who sent hilarious texts to the wrong number and this is one of them! However, the special thing about this story is that these texts ended up changing someone’s life for the better! Curious how that happened? Well, then make sure to check out pictures #10 and #6.

20. Mall Shopping


This amazing story starts in a simple mall where a woman was looking to buy a new dress for a formal event. The woman had no idea that her shopping adventure will change someone’s life!

19. Classy Dress


The woman is called Syd and she wanted to make sure that she is dressed properly for an upcoming formal event. Luckily for her, she quickly found a dress that she liked! Without thinking about it too much, the woman decided to try out and see how it fits.

18. Trying On The Dress


Syd put on the dress and she was trying to figure out if it fits her well or not. This is when she decided to snap a couple of pictures in order to ask for an opinion. You won’t believe how nice the dress looks!

17. The Right Dress


Syd knew that this was the right dress for her, but she needed to make sure that other people think that too. The next photo shows us how cool the dress looks from the back.

16. Taking More Pictures


Now that Syd took all the pictures she needed, the next thing she did was to pull out her phone. This is where things get interesting…

15. The Right Advice


Who else could give Syd better advice than her own mom? Isn’t this what moms are best at? Nonetheless, Syd took out her phone and started loading the pictures. You won’t believe what happened next.

14. The Wrong Phone Number


While Syd was carefully loading the pictures, she typed in the wrong phone number! To make things even more hilarious, Syd didn’t realize that this happened and she kept on sending more pictures.

13. The First Picture Arrives


Not knowing that she typed in the wrong phone number, Syd sends the first picture. However, no one responds. Syd thought that her mother probably didn’t hear her phone and she decided to send another one.

12. Still No Answer


Syd sent the second picture and still no answer. This didn’t seem weird to Syd and she kept on sending pictures. What she sent next will crack you up!

11. Length and Size


In order to make sure that her mother gives her great advice, Syd made sure to also send a picture which highlighted the length of the dress. This is when the man who was on the receiving end of the pictures decided to answer.

10. Solid Advice


As you can clearly see, the man gave some solid advice and also included a bit of humor. How do you think Syd felt after she noticed that she was sending pictures to the wrong person?

9. Syd Was Ashamed


Syd couldn’t believe what mistake she made! She was feeling ashamed and didn’t know how to answer back to the text. On the bright side of things, the man decided to send her a picture as well and you won’t believe what happened next.

8. The Man Also Sends A Picture


The man decided to take a picture of his kids who were also approving the dress and send it to Syd. This made Syd laugh and she decided to share this story with her friend. Little did Syd know, her actions were going to help one of the man’s kids! What happened next will leave you in awe.

7. Sharing On Twitter 


One of Syd’s friends decided to share this hilarious conversation on Twitter and someone who saw this post decided to check out the man’s Twitter account. This is when he spotted that one of his kids is missing from this picture…

6. Kaizler


One Twitter user found that the man who has been receiving Syd’s pictures had a kid named Kaizler who was sick with Leukemia. The Twitter user also found that there is a go fund me page for Kaizler and decided to share it. Do you think Twitter users helped Kaizler reach his go fund me goal?

5. Surpassing The Goal


The goal was reached in a matter of days, but the Twitter donations didn’t stop there! As you can clearly see, Kaizler now has more than enough donations to afford his Leukemia treatment. This teared up the father and he decided to post this next picture as a way of saying thank you.

4. Saying Thanks


Can you believe that some pictures sent to a random number helped this little boy fight against Leukemia? No one would’ve expected this to happen, but we’re glad that it did. The next picture will show you the man behind the texts.

3. The Dad Says Thanks


The dad created a video in which he explains how much these donations mean to him and to his family. Not only that, but he decided to do something incredible! 

2. Helping Out Another Kid


The dad decided to take all the attention he was receiving and to move it towards another go fund me page for a kid that’s diagnosed with a tumor. The kid is called Fin and the man’s selfless act help him reached his donation goal! Isn’t this amazing?

1. Amazing Turn Of Events


Isn’t it crazy that two kids received the money through Twitter? To make things even crazier, it all started with a couple of pictures that were sent to the wrong person. What are your thoughts on this incredible story?

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