They Heard A Weird Sound Coming From The Water. When They Got Closer, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Even though fishing is seen as a relaxing activity, the job of a fisherman is not an easy one! You never know what you might pull on the end of your hook or how the water will be that day. Nonetheless, today’s story is going to show you what type of unexpected adventures fishermen find themselves into.

20. Fishing Trip

Our story kicks off in Canada close to a lake that’s near Field, Ontario where two friends decided to go on a fishing trip. Little did they know, they were about to live an experience of a lifetime.

19. Catching Fish

The two fishermen were expecting to catch walleye, smallmouth bass or even a northern pike. However, they came across something completely different than what they were expecting.

18. Crying Noise

The story starts getting interesting when the fishermen hear a crying sound in the bushes. The two men quickly realized that this sound wasn’t made by a fish and they decided to check out what’s going on. You won’t believe what they stumbled upon!

17. Baby Moose

To their surprise, the high pitched crying sound was coming from a baby moose. As you can clearly see from this picture, the baby moose was in a life or death situation and it couldn’t get out of the lake. Something had to be done!

16. The Mama Moose

To make things even worse, the mama moose was sitting next to her drowning baby and it wasn’t able to help it come out. The scariest thing happened when the fishermen got close to the baby moose.

15. Protective Mother

As the fishermen were getting closer to the baby moose, the mother got angry and started charging towards them! The mamma moose was being protective of her baby because she didn’t know they wanted to help. What do you think the fishermen did next?

14. Angry Moose

Seeing how the mamma moose was angry, the fishermen decided that it was too risky to try and save it. They didn’t want to be hit by the moose and get hurt. This motivated them to take this shocking decision…

13. Letting Nature Run Its Course

“We decided it was best to let nature take its course, by letting the mamma help her young”, said one of the fishermen. As heartbreaking as this was, the fishermen decided to paddle away from the drowning moose and to mind their own business. But the story isn’t over…

12. Happy Fishing

The fishermen tried to keep doing their job and catch some food, but they just couldn’t forget about the poor baby moose. After a couple of hours passed on, the fishermen decided to head back and help the baby moose. What they found will break your heart!

11. Going Back

Not being able to forget about the baby moose, the fishermen started paddling their boat towards the drowning moose. Sadly, they weren’t prepared for what they found when they arrived back! Check out the next picture and see for yourself.

10. The Mamma Moose Left

The mamma moose was not able to save her baby from drowning and she just left him there. This was heartbreaking to see, but the fishermen knew what they needed to do next!

9. All Alone And Scared

Unfortunately, the baby moose was all alone and scared. The poor moose would try to run away every time the fishermen got close to him. However, this didn’t stop them from trying to help the animal, especially after seeing this next thing.

8. The Baby Moose Is Tired

The thing that caught the fishermen’s attention was the fact that there were bubbles around the baby moose’s nose. This meant that he was really tired and that he wouldn’t make it for much longer on his own.

7. Helping Out

Without thinking too much about it, one of the fishermen tried to pick up the baby moose. This was a risky move because the baby moose could bite his hands, but the fisherman decided to take a risk.

6. Terrified

It was pretty clear that the animal was terrified as it was being pulled out of the muddy waters. However, the baby moose’s story doesn’t end here.

5. Trying To Run

The baby moose didn’t really understand what was happening to him and despite being drained of energy, he was still trying to run away. The saddest part about this was that the baby was looking to the shore in hopes of seeing his mom.

4. The Mom Is Nowhere To Be Found

Sadly, the mamma moose was not around and the fishermen didn’t know what to do with the baby moose. Nonetheless, this is what the fishermen did next.

3. Making The Animal Feel Safe

The fishermen tried their best to make the baby moose feel safe by petting and talking to him. Although, they still needed to figure out what to do with him.

2. To The Woods!

After thinking about it for a while, the fishermen realized that there isn’t any other option than to release the baby moose out in the wild in hopes that he knows where he can find his mamma.

1. The Baby Moose Is Safe And Free

All that matters now is that the baby moose is safe and free to roam the woods once again. Let’s hope that he found his mother quickly and didn’t wander alone for too long.

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