Woman Adopts Strange Looking Dog, Soon Discovers That It’s Something Entirely Different

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Our story kicks off in Japan where a Twitter user with the handle “chibi_tori” posted a photo of a strange looking dog that she found near her home. Seeing how cute this dog looked, the woman decided to adopt him instead of sending him to the shelter. She thought that this was the right thing to do but little did she know, she wasn’t adopting a dog!

20. Strange Looking Dog


This is the animal the Japanese woman spotted outside her house. The animal was looking for food in the bushes and the woman felt sorry for him. This is when she realized that her house has room for a new pet and that this little fella is just the right fit.

19. New Family Member


The woman always wanted to get a dog and it seemed like faith put this cute guy outside her house. However, there was something special about this dog and the woman had no idea what type of animal she was actually bringing into her house!

18. Something Is Off


Even though the woman was happy that her family got larger with the addition of this furry fella, she couldn’t stop noticing that her new pet is stranger than most dogs. This is when she decided to find out what type of breed her new dog really is. You won’t believe what she found out!

17. It’s A Tanuki


After a little bit of research, the woman found that her new dog is not actually a dog. The animal is a Tanuki. This animal is popularly known as a “racoon dog” because it has the same build as a dog and the face of a raccoon. And its behavior is CRAZY, check it out in the following photos…

16. Unique Pet


While most people would get scared to find out that their new pet is a rare wildlife animal, the Japanese woman was actually happy. She liked the idea that her house pet is unique. To make things even better, tanukis even have some special skills!

15. Climbing Trees


Tanukis are known for their tree climbing abilities and the Japanese woman loved seeing how her unique pet would run around and climb trees. However, this is not the only thing that tanukis are known for…

14. Japanese Folklore


Another cool thing about tanukis is that they play an important role in Japanese folklore. There are hundreds of stories which highlight the mischievous character of tanukis. And that’s not all!

13. Curious Animal


The most amazing thing about the woman’s new pet was that he was really curious. The tanuki was always looking for new things to play with around the house. Although, there is a good reason why people are advised to not keep tanukis as pets.

12. Bad Temperament


Tanukis are known for their bad temperament which isn’t a great trait for house pets to have. Therefore, people are not advised to get them as pets because they might end up regretting their decision. There is another reason to why tanukis don’t really fit in as house pets and you won’t believe what it is.

11. Tanukis Steal Things


Just like foxes, tanukis are known for stealing shiny objects and hiding them around the house. Fortunately, it seems like this tanuki doesn’t have those personality problems. Nonetheless, who could ever say no to these cute brown eyes?

10. Lucky Animal


We should also mention that the tanuki found by the Japanese was lucky because no one else found him. The reason behind this being that the species is sought after by poachers because their fur sells well on the black market.

9. Winter Is Here


Even though the dog raccoon was weird to have as a pet, the Japanese woman had no idea what her new pet would do when winter came around. Keep reading to find out what tanukis do during the winter!

8. Hibernation


The Japanese woman quickly learned that tanukis hibernate during winter. This was weird at first, but the way this tanuki slept was hilarious!

7. Conserving Energy


As you can clearly tell, this tanuki doesn’t have a care in the world! The only thing that matters to him is to snooze and conserve energy. Isn’t this the most adorable thing ever? And therey’s more!

6. Having Fun


Even though the tanuki slept most of the day, he was more than eager to play around with toys whenever he woke up. The Japanese woman made sure to give him lots of toys because she loved seeing him having fun.

5. Healthy Appetite


Another adorable thing about this cute tanuki is that his food appetite is huge! The Japanese woman says that her strange pet eats everything she gives him in a matter of seconds! What do you think the tanuki does after every meal?

4. Snoozing Off


What else is a cute tanuki to do after eating a healthy meal than to snooze off? This animal doesn’t have a care in the world!

3. Special Bed


Seeing how much this little fella likes to sleep, the woman made sure to make his own special bed. However, the tanuki didn’t really care for the bed because he fell asleep all over the house!

2. High Pitched Noises


Another interesting thing about this strange “dog” is that he doesn’t bark and it lets out a high pitched noise instead. This means that his owner’s house is quite noisy at times, but the woman doesn’t mind it too much since she thinks it’s adorable.

1. Happy Pet


Even though this pooch might not be a traditional pet, the Japanese woman is more than happy to have him around because he lightens up the mood in her house. Not only that, but he is super adorable too!

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