Dad Dog Supports Mom Dog While Giving Birth, Wins Everyone’s Hearts

When it comes to affection, there is no other animal that loves their owner as much as dogs do. They always get happy and start waggling their tails every time their owner comes home to play with them. Not only that, but dogs also share the same level of affection for their puppies. Don’t believe me? Just check out these following pictures and your heart will melt after seeing how a dad dog supports the mom dog while giving birth.

20. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are known for being some of the most loyal dogs. Their athletic genes make them ideal guard dogs, but that’s not where they fit in the best. These dogs love being in homes, next to their owners!

19. Mamma Dog

The males are known for their loyalty and physical prowess, and the same can be said about female German Shepherds. Nonetheless, the one thing these dogs want the most is cute puppies!

18. Lots of Puppies

German Shepard puppies are just the best! Isn’t this little fella just the cutest thing ever? Take a look at the next picture and see how much cuter these puppies can get.

17. Cutie Pie

Seeing how cute these little puppies look, no one should be shocked to find out that German Shepherds are very protective of their babies. This is why a dad dog stuck by the mom dog’s side while she was giving birth to four puppies!

16. Supportive Dad

As previously mentioned, there was a heartwarming moment where a dad dog showed how much he supports his “wife” by sticking by her side during her time of need. Make sure you keep reading if you want to see the picture which melted everyone’s hearts.

15. Supporting the Wife

As you can clearly tell, the dad dog is very supportive. The mamma dog is giving birth and she is in pain. Luckily, the dad is helping her get through this difficult moment. To make things even cuter than they already are, the dad dog also kisses the mamma dog! You won’t believe what he does next…

14. Dog Kisses

It seems like the German Shepard knows his “wife” is in pain and he is doing his best to make her feel comfortable and loved. Isn’t this adorable? After a while, the puppies are born!

13. Four Little Puppies!

The mamma dog had four little puppies and the dad couldn’t be prouder. This was an amazing moment and the dad was not too far away. Can you guess where he is?

12.  The Dad Dog is Close

As you can clearly see, the German Shepard is not leaving his wife’s side. Now that his puppies are there, he is very protective of them and doesn’t want anyone to touch them. The next picture will show you how protective the German Shepard can be.

11. Not Leaving The Puppies Out Of His Sight

The new daddy is carefully looking over his newborn puppies. With him by their side, nothing bad is ever going to happen! Make sure to check out the following pictures to see how happy the dad dog is with his puppies.

10. Teaching Them The Ways

Now that the puppies are getting bigger and stronger, the dad dog wants to teach them the ways of the German Sheppard. He needs to teach them how to bark and chase the mailman but before doing that, the puppies need to have some fun first!

9. Having Lots of Fun

The dad dog is going to have a difficult time teaching these little puppies about the values of being a German Sheppard because all they want to do is to play around all day long. Nonetheless, having fun is all that matters after all.

8. Happy Puppies

What’s even more amazing than this supporting dad is that this reminds us of a similar case, but with a cat this time! Here’s the amazing story of Yello, the supportive cat dad.

7. Yello is Stressed

This pretty cat is called Yello and the reason why he is stressed is because his female partner is getting ready to have a litter of kittens. You won’t believe how supportive Yello is of his partner.

6. He is a Caring Dad

Yello realized that the mamma cat is in pain and he stopped being stressed and started comforting the mamma cat instead. The cat had four kittens and she couldn’t be happier! Check out the next picture to see the four little kittens.

5. Four Adorable Kittens

Just like the mamma dog, this cat had four little kittens. They are in perfect health and they look adorable. You know what’s even more adorable than this? The next photo!

4. Happy Family

Isn’t it amazing how this cat family sticks together? Now this is what love is all about. The next picture will make you go “awww”!

3. Loving Dad

Even though Yello was stressed at first, now he is happy to hold his newborn kittens in his paws. To make things even better, the new cat mommy will never need a babysitter because Yellow doesn’t leave her side.

2. Who Needs a Babysitter Anyways?

The new cat mommy is lucky to have such a supportive “husband”. We can be sure that the four kittens are going to grow up big and strong, just like their dad!

1. Incredible Stories

What did you think of these two incredible stories? Did you ever thought that dogs and cats can be such supportive parents?

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