Adorable Babies Can’t Get Enough Hugs

What do you do when you see identical quadruplets hugging each other for minutes and minutes? You take the camera and start filming every second of this adorable display of love! These babies were only 19 months old when their mother saw them hugging each other. They’re Emily, McKayla, Abigail and Grace, identical quadruplets of the Webb couple. After watching Moana, they began hugging and wouldn’t stop for a long time.

Bethani Webb shared this heart-melting moment on the Internet and everyone was in awe watching these little girls sharing their love.

20. Fourth Times the Love

These cheeky girls know what love means and they just can’t stop sharing it with everyone. But their parents were in tears when they saw them continuously hugging one another.

19. The Christmas Spirit

Christmas was soon coming, and Bethani played ‘Moana’ on TV for the girls to watch. Soon after the movie was over, she was surprised to see them spreading their arms and giving bear hugs around.

18. A Wholesome Moment

Dressed in their pajamas, the girls were filmed as they shared hugs, giggling. Bethani shared her experience on her Facebook page: Webb Quadruplets Updates. You won’t believe how famous the video became…

17. It Was an Internet Sensation!

Everyone who saw the video was in awe and this is how it gathered more than 28 million views on Facebook. Bethani said that she ‘was definitely, definitely shocked there were that many views. I was thinking maybe we’d get a couple thousand views’. And that’s not all!

16. How Can You Not Watch It?

The adorable footage is a must see moment. The way they giggle and ‘talk’ and hug each other is making our hearts melt! And the video reached people from all over the world: from Australia, the Philippines, the United States and Europe! And here they go again…

15. People’s Reactions

Someone commented on the video: ‘Oh goodness I have tears of happiness… This is truly adorable… I just love how they stand and wait [their]turn and also how they pat each other’s back[s]’. And there’s more!

14. It Sends a Message

Bethani thinks that the video touched everyone because it sends a cute message: ‘Everything that is happening is negative and seeing something happy, cute and loving is a great change’. Let’s see their story…

13. One Year After the Marriage

Bethani and Tim Webb married one year before becoming parents. They thought it would be best to start slowly at first. Soon, the 22-year-old mom and the 23-year-old dad would be shocked!

12. It Was a Miracle

Bethani did not use any kind of fertility treatment, but she would soon find out that she wasn’t pregnant with a child. She had four babies in her oven and they were all identical! Wondering how rare that is?

11. It’s a 1 in 15 Million Chance

Finding out was a shock, said Bethani: ‘She turned the screen and she started counting babies and she counted baby one, baby two, baby three’… the fourth was hidden, and then the doctor said there are four!

10. Almost Fainted

‘I’m definitely glad I was laying down because I could not believe that there were four there. I thought there had to be some kind of mistake… my husband almost fainted’, said Bethani. Tim needed a moment…

9. An Overwhelmed Dad

Tim had to sit down not to faint when he heard the doctor’s news. Dr. James Bofill – a professor of maternal-fetal medicine (University of Mississippi), said that with no treatments, the case is one in 729,000. However, identical quadruplets are one in 15 million!

8. The Babies Were Born

Bethani gave birth via C-section, and the firstborn was Abigail (3lbs), Emily (4lbs 1oz), Grace (3lbs 15oz) and McKayla (3lbs 11oz). The family has a relative running the Facebook page and they updated the news, saying that Tim is ‘overwhelmed’.

7. A Tough Time

Having a kid is one thing, but four at a time is a handful… well… more handfuls! Bethani was concerned: ‘I’m thinking we have no van, we have no car seats, we have no crib. I thought we were good just having one.’

6. ‘Four Times Everything’

‘Going from one to four is like four times everything. Four strollers, four car seats, Four cribs. Diapers. Diapers everywhere’. And the poor parents went through about 48 diapers a day! But they were lucky…

5. GoFundMe

One of their friends started a funding campaign to help the Webbs through the difficult time. The family lives in Hythe, Alta and their community came to the rescue.

4. Getting Tons of Help

The Webbs not only received items and a van to get their babies around, but volunteers also visited them each week to help them take care of the babies.

3. Worldwide Help

The family has even received help from someone in Costa Rica. They found out that their local grocery store had been paid by that person and they could take seven boxes of diapers with them!

2. Forever Grateful

‘A big thank you because now, instead of buying diapers, I can put that money towards Pablum’, said Tim. They received help for growing their girls from everyone around them. With so much help, it tends to feel easier.

1. Never Getting Rest

Changing diapers, feeding and cleaning the house is a constant chore when you have one baby, not to mention four of them!

But when you see Abigail, Emily, Grace, and McKayla hugging, giggling and sharing the love they see around them, it makes you forget about all the stress and all the worry in the world! Just seeing them this way, fills your heart with joy!

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