Monkey Adopts A Stray Puppy, Treats It Like A Baby

Mother monkeys are so adorable and you can even call them the mother of the year for how they treat their babies. But this adorable mother Rhesus macaque from Rode, India, has a different kind of baby and she will not let go of him! Her baby is a little puppy and he couldn’t be in better hands than with this loving mother. She feeds the pup and lets him get his fill, after which she eats what’s left from the bowl. And that’s not everything!

Let’s look at their photos and see how this puppy’s so lucky to have a caring mother. Locals and media are all shocked to see their story…

20. An Unusual Pair

Locals in Rode, India have never seen such a thing! A Rhesus macaque monkey has been seen on the street carrying a stray puppy with her as if it were her baby. And not only she takes care of him and feeds him. She even does this…

19. Defending The Pup

This picture shows how fierce a mother can be when she defends her baby. This bond is so strong, that they go together everywhere. The mother protects her puppy from strays and she even carries him in her arms. Just look how cute they are!

18. A Vigilant Mother

However fierce she is against other strays that would come to steal the food or hurt her baby, the mother is just protective of her pup. She is gentle with humans and you can see that she loves to cuddle her baby dog.

17. Indian News

This loving pair has first reached the Indian News and then, after the story was shared on Facebook, it gathered over 170,000 views. And how couldn’t it get viral, after seeing this dedicated mother? Look at what she’s doing!

16. Time for a Bath

Not only the rhesus macaque takes care and feeds the pup, but she also cleans him of fleas and dirt. This is a serious commitment and she loves every second of it. This is what one of the locals told the Indian News…

15. ‘The Most Caring Thing in the World’

‘People who have seen them all spoke of their strong mutual affection and described their bond as the most caring thing in the world’, said Sasi Kumar in an interview to Zee News. His words have reached everyone’s hearts. And that’s not all!

14. A Valuable Life Lesson

‘To take care of a puppy in danger and protect him like a parent, their undying affection gives us a valuable lesson about relationships’, continued Sasi Kumar. And he is right, this bond is truly inspiring. But there’s one problem that you should know about…

13. A Tragedy Might Have Happened

The mother monkey might act like this probably because it had a baby and she lost it and then saw the puppy. Seeing him so small and unprotected, the monkey’s first instinct was to take care of him and adopt him. You won’t believe what the poor pup has to eat…

12. The Protective Mother

Nobody knows how these two unlikely friends have met or bonded, but one thing is true. This puppy has the greatest mother in the world! He’s even getting grapes as a desert, although it’s not his usual meal. This mother is spoiling the pup!

11. Is It a Happy Story?

It’s great to have someone guarding your back. As a stray pup, this little fella is fortunate to have such a kind and responsible mother. But the forest department might end this happy story… Here is why.

10. The Safety of the Puppy

There’s one big issue with this friendship. Monkeys love to spend their times in trees and the forest department fears that the pup’s life could be in danger if the monkey takes him up in a tree. Sadly, this had to happen…

9. The Pair Had to Be Separated

Although the monkey was the only one that cared about the puppy, these guys have been separated for the pup’s safety. It seems ridiculous since the stray wasn’t a concern until it reached the news… However, we hope they will get back together one day when the pup will be too big to get carried up a tree.

There’s another famous monkey that found herself an unlikely friend, and you won’t believe what it is!

8. A Lonely Life

Another monkey in an Israeli zoo has been seen hugging a chicken. She is Niv, an Indonesian black macaque, and she spends her days taking care of her baby chick. She cleans, hugs and plays with the bird at the Ramat Gan Safari Park. Wondering how si this possible?

7. Maternal Instinct

The zoo’s spokesperson Mor Porat said that Niv ‘is four years old and has reached the age of sexual maturity, has difficulty finding a partner’. But her maternal instinct kicked in and she expresses it to her baby chick. The next photo will leave you in awe, although…

6. It’s a True Love

The chick could easily escape through the bars, but she likes to stay near Niv. ‘These kinds of relationships are rare,’ said Porat. She also said that ‘macaques kill and eat chickens that enter their pens or play with them until they die’, but Niv is different. And there’s more. The monkey enjoys doing this next thing…

5. Sleeping Together

‘At night they sleep together’, said Porat. And the chicken is very happy to stay near her surrogate mother. These different species love each other very much. While the domesticated chicken is a common bird, the black macaque is an endangered species.

Our next story is even more amazing and it also involves a loving monkey.

4. A Beautiful Encounter

Another monkey has been spotted in the wilderness by a traveler. Anne Young went on vacation in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia. She wanted to photograph wildlife and she visited the Monkey Forest Park. But she didn’t expect to see a monkey cuddling a kitten!

3. Adopting a Ginger Kitten

Among all the monkeys there, Anne spotted a monkey caring for a ginger kitten. And what did the kitten do? She enjoyed every second of her adoptive mother’s attention. As Anne tried to snap some photos, the monkey protected her ‘baby’ from the lens. You won’t believe how the other monkeys reacted to the kitten…

2. Accepting the Kitten

The other monkeys around accepted the ginger cat as one of their own. The kitten was there for a while since he was so calm around all the monkey, meowing about while they minded their monkey business.

1. An Unusual Friendship

Nobody knew if the kitten was a stray and he wandered into the park, but he was lucky to find an adoptive mother that would care for him.

These unusual friendships are certainly happy life stories!

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