A Miraculous Hug From Her Sister Saved Twin From Dying

The power of love is something that’s not palpable, but you know it’s there. It seems like love actually has miraculous powers since a simple hug managed to save a baby from dying! This sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s what I thought too until I saw these pictures.

Twin Sisters

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This miraculous story starts with a pair of twin girls that were born at the UMass Memorial hospital. While this could be an amazing moment in everyone’s life, Paul Jackson who is the twins’ father, would soon find out that it can also be scary.

Serious Health Problems

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The twins were born twelve weeks premature and they weighed in at only two pounds. They were very little and the nurses started worrying about their health. Without giving it a second thought, the nurses took the baby twins to intensive care.

Intensive Baby Care

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Even though there isn’t any parent in the world who wants to hear that their babies are having serious health problems and that they take can’t them home, Paul Jackson didn’t have much say in this. You won’t believe what the nurses told him.

Things Could Turn Very Quickly

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“The nurses in NICU were very honest and they told me up that things looked pretty good now, but the next 42 to 78 hours things could turn very quickly”, said the worried parent. Sadly, the nurses were right.

Things Are Not Going Well

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After three weeks passed, one of the babies started having trouble breathing. Things were not looking good, especially since the baby’s oxygen levels were low and her heartbeat was racing. Fortunately, one of the nurses had this amazing idea and you won’t believe what it is!

Nurse Gives Advice

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Seeing how the little two-pound baby was struggling to survive, a nurse decided to give the doctors some advice. They thought she was crazy at first but as it turns out, her advice would play a major role in saving the baby’s life!

Kangaroo Care

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The nurse told the doctors to try a special skin-to-skin technique known as “Kangaroo Care”. This technique had not been used in the US before, but it had amazing results in other parts of the world. Check out what Kangaroo Care really means.

Skin-to-Skin Contact

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What Kangaroo Care basically means is to put the two twins in the same incubator. This is quite unusual because doctors usually separate twins and triplets in fear of infection. However, they didn’t have that many options left.

Tough Decision

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Even though the doctors feared infection, they knew that there wasn’t anything else that they could do for the sick baby. Luckily, the doctors decided to follow the advice the nurse’s suggestion and you won’t believe what happened!

The Rescuing Hug

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The twins were placed in the same incubator and the healthy baby instantly put her tiny arm around her sister. You know what’s even crazier than this? The heart rate of the baby with issues was almost instantly stabilized. Is this the power of love? Here’s what happened next

The Power of Love

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Whether it was the power of love or not, the doctors were amazed after seeing this. You won’t believe what one of them had to say about this miracle.

Incredible Miracle

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“We thought these kids were too fragile that you wouldn’t be able to do these things. Now we do it not only with 28 weeks babies, but also with 23, 24 and 25 weeks. Even when they’re connected to the ventilator breathing machines” said Dr. Stuart Weisberg of UMass Memorial.

But will the sick twin survive?

The Twins Are Safe

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The twins were healthy and safe and their parents named them Brielle and Kyrie. Make sure to stick around for the upcoming pictures because they will give you a glimpse of their childhood.

Growing Up

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Life was good for Brielle and Kyrie after the miracle happened. The twins had a happy childhood and grew so big that you are not going to recognize them anymore!

Teenage Fun

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Brielle and Kyrie have fun like all normal teenagers do. Although, their favorite past-time activity is surfing. Now that they are all grown up, they go to school and spend their time learning and enjoying the time they get to spend together.

High School

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The twins are now in high school and their future is looking bright. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if that nurse didn’t tell the doctors about Kangaroo Care?

Learning How to Drive

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As you can clearly tell from this picture, Brielle and Kyrie are enjoying all that life has to offer them. Check out the next picture if you want to see them with a smile on their faces!

Smiling Faces

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The twins say that at times they complete each other’s sentences. Not only that,  but they also think about the same songs at the same time! I have to say it, twins are cool!

Lucky Girls

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While some might say that these girls are lucky because that nurse thought of Kangaroo Care; however, I’d rather say they are lucky to have each other. In the end, the two touching each other is what made the miracle work.

Happy Story

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Luckily, this story has a happy ending. The twins will graduate from high school and they will head on to college, but none of this would’ve been possible without the power of love!

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