Emotional Lion Hugs The Woman Who Rescued Him


We always hear stories about pets who are grateful to their rescuers for being saved, but you never hear about lions doing that! We’re not saying that lions can’t be grateful to people, just that it’s not in their nature. They are the kings of the jungle after all. However, this story that we are about to show you will change your mind about these wild predators.

20. King of the Jungle


Lions are the kings of the jungle and no one wants to mess with them! Their sharp claws and big teeth make them some of the world’s fiercest predators, but this doesn’t mean that they are always safe.

19. Dying Lion


Our story starts with a woman who found a lion on the brink of death. The lion was in bad shape and the odds were stacked against him. Luckily for him, this woman didn’t scare away and decided to help him out.

18. Helping Those in Need


While lions are known for being ferocious predators, this woman took it upon herself to save the hurt animal. We can be sure that there aren’t that many people who would do what this woman did for this lion…

17. All Alone


One of the reasons why she decided to rescue the lion and to help him when no one would was because she knew his story. You won’t believe where the lion came from and why he was hurt.

16. Traveling Circus


The lion belonged to a traveling circus. The folks who were in charge of the circus used the lion to sell tickets but sadly, they didn’t care that much about his health. This is the reason why the lion was close to death.

15. Not Being Cared For


Even though the lion was living in a circus cage, this wasn’t the worst thing about it. He was in such a bad shape because the folks at the circus didn’t care much for him. The lion didn’t get the food he needed and he was treated badly

14. Finally Rescued


Without thinking about the medical bills she will need to pay, the woman rescued the lion from the traveling circus. Things were finally starting to look good for him. The rescuer had no idea how the lion would repay her for her good deed, but as you’re about to find out… he will forever remember her!

13. Medical Care


Even though the lion wasn’t used to being helped by humans, he quickly realized that the woman meant him no harm. The rescuer took the animal straight to the vet in hopes of getting him back in good health. How long do you think it took for the animal to get better?

12. Getting Better


After being kept at the vet for a couple of months, the lion’s health was getting better, The woman was amazed to see how quickly he recovered, but she needed to do one more thing for him. She needed to find him a place to stay. It turned out to be easier than expected…

11.  A Place to Call Home


The last thing the woman needed to do to ensure that the lion will be safe was to find him a place to call home. Therefore, she took him to a zoo and made arrangements with the owners so that they take care of him. This was the best thing that happened to the lion. Check out the next picture to see why.

10. All the Help He Needs


The woman made sure to tell the zoo to take care of the lion’s needs before she left him there. The lion was finally safe and he was getting all the proper food and nourishment that he needed. To make things even better, the zoo loved having him around! After 8 years, our favorite lion gets the surprise of a lifetime… and everyone was in awe!

9. Main Attraction


The lion’s prowess made him one of the main attractions at the zoo. This ensured that he will always be taken care of and that he will never be hurt. However, eight years have passed and the woman who saved him wanted to check up on him. She surely didn’t expect this to happen during their reunion…

8. The Reunion


Even though everyone advised her not to get close to the lion, the woman didn’t care for what they said. She wanted to see if the lion she rescued eight years ago would remember her. What happened next shocked everyone!

7. Everyone is Shocked


The lion reached through the bars and grabbed the woman! This shocked and terrified everyone who was around the cage. What was going to happen to the woman? Is the lion going to hurt her?

6. He Recognizes Her!


The lion quickly pulls the woman close to his face. Luckily, his intentions weren’t to hurt her because he recognized her! Wondering how we can tell? Well, keep reading and find out for yourself.

5. Big Hug


The reason why the lion grabbed the woman so tight was because he wanted to give her a big hug! Isn’t this amazing? The lion recognized her after eight years… And that’s not all!

4. Incredible Moment


This moment is so incredible that no one can believe this is actually happening. No one ever expected a lion to remember the person who saved him eight years ago. Nonetheless, this woman took a risk getting close to him but it was all worth it. Check out how grateful he is!

3. Grateful Lion


The woman shared an amazing moment with the lion and we’re glad that the animal recognized her, because things could’ve turned bad in an instant! However, this is not the only lion that cares for his rescuer. Check out these awesome next pictures.

2. Lions and Their Rescuers


There are a couple more stories about lions who got attached to their rescuers, but these stories are rare. Can you imagine how crazy it would be to sit so close next to a lion?

1.  Wild Cats


The most amazing thing about lions acting this way around people is that they play around just like normal cats, the only difference being their size. Would you ever get this close a lion? I for one would rather just sit this one out.


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