Little Girl’s Reaction When Seeing The School Bus Is Incredible

The unconditional love between a brother and a sister is an amazing thing. These two siblings that we are going to show you today will make your heart melt! I bet that you can’t guess why this little girl gets so excited every time the yellow school bus comes around!

20. Yellow School Bus

There’s a viral video about a young little girl that gets super excited when the school bus comes around. Even though it might seem weird at first, the little girl actually has a good reason why she likes the bus so much!

19. Happy Little Girl

This little girl is the happiest ever when she noticed the yellow school bus coming down her street and you won’t believe why!

18.  Going to School?

Does the little girl love going to school so much that she waits for the yellow bus to come by her street every single day? No, that’s not the answer! This is the reason why she waits for the bus every day…

17. Waiting for Someone

Instead of wanting to go to school, the little girl is actually waiting for someone to come from there. Who do you think that is? The next picture will bring a smile on your face!

16. The Big Brother

The little girl is waiting for her big brother to come home! Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? What she does next is truly heartwarming.

15. Big Hugs

The little girl gives a big hug to her brother as soon as he comes out of the bus. To make things even better this is how he reacts to the hug!

14. Happy to Come Home

As you can clearly tell, the brother loves coming home from school and getting those big hugs. But does she really do this every single day?

13. Daily Hugs

Yes, she does! The little girl waits for her brother to come home every single day. You won’t believe what the brother does right when she starts hugging him!

12. Protective Big Brother

The big brother is very protective of his sister and he tries to move her away from the bus. We think it’s safe to say that their mother taught them well.

11. The Bus Doesn’t Matter

It seems like the yellow bus wasn’t the thing that got the little girl’s attention after all. Who would have guessed? Nonetheless, the little girl does follow her routine every single day. Check her out in the following photos!

10. Daily Routine

Even though it might rain outside, the little girl puts on a pair of boots and still goes to greet her brother. The brother is surely lucky to have such a loving sister like her.

9. Siblings Love

Siblings share a powerful bond and nothing is ever going to break them apart. This is the case with all siblings, even though they might not like each other. But what makes these two so special?

8. Bounded by Blood

Siblings are bounded by blood and this means that no matter what happens, they always have each other’s backs. From the looks of it, these two adorable kids have already learned that lesson.

7. Happy Kids

If you are wondering about what their mother thinks about this, you should know that she couldn’t be happier. The mother loves seeing how much her children care for each other and she hopes that they will keep doing this even though they might grow older. You know who else loves seeing these daily hugs?

6. The Bus Driver

The other person who enjoys seeing these daily hugs is the bus driver! Although, who wouldn’t love seeing how much these siblings care for each other?

5. Every Single Day

If there’s something we can be sure about, it must be that the brother loves coming home from school. I wonder what’s going to happen once the little girl starts going to school herself. Is she going to hug her brother during lunch hour?

4. Happy Childhood Memories

Another thing that we can be sure about is that these pictures are going to make for some amazing childhood memories that these two siblings can remember as they get older. Nonetheless, the brother also loves to hug her sister. Check out the next picture and you’ll see what I am talking about.

3. Loving Big Brother

Seeing how much this little girl enjoys giving hugs, the little brother make sure to give her one every time she gets sad.

2. Goofing Around

Just when you thought that this little girl couldn’t get any more adorable, this picture appears. As you can clearly tell, she loves to goof around and this makes for some hilarious pictures!

1. A Happy Family

From what we can tell, these two are going to have an awesome childhood together. We can only imagine how much fun they will have during the long summer school breaks. Nonetheless, let’s hope they keep this tradition of daily hugs for as long as they can!

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