Heartbreaking Scene As Baby Elephant Tries To ‘Wake up’ Dying Mother

A mother’s love for her baby is always heart-melting, no matter if we are talking about humans or animals. And when a baby is in danger, there is nothing a mother will not do to save her baby. But sometimes, it’s better to leave the professionals to handle the situation.

This elephant mother learns it the hard way and her baby’s reaction is both adorable and heart-breaking! Here’s what happened one day in Zambia…

20. An Elephant’s Love


It’s a fact that elephants are animals that thrive in big groups. And if you pay close attention, you’ll see that their calves are the number one priority. When something bad happens, they react fast!

19. Baby Animals Get in Trouble So Easy!


When they’re only babies, elephants are adorable! But they’re also known to get in trouble! And their mothers turn into fierce monsters only to keep the calves safe. You don’t want to stand in their way!

18. The Tiny Elephant Was Desperate


Everyone was in awe when they saw the baby elephant clinging to his mother with his tiny trunk. He believed that the mother died, but he refused to let go of her ear while trying to wake her up. How did it all begin?

17. Stuck in A Man-Made Pit


One night in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, villagers heard the cry of a mother elephant. She was trying to help her baby get out of a pit, but it was all in vain.

16. The Next Morning


As soon as the morning began, villagers called rescue workers to check out the scene. Something had to be done, but the mother elephant was a threat to everyone. She was desperate to save the baby and could hurt many people. Then they found a solution…

15. One Long and Tiring Night For Both Elephants


Both the mother and the baby elephant were tired, as they struggled all night long to get the calf out of the pit. Vets had to arrive too at the pit and together with the rescue workers, made a plan.

14. Knocking Off The Mum


Before saving the calf, the vets prepared some drugs and immobilized the mum that kept getting in their way. It was then easy to save the baby elephant. Here is what the CEO and co-founder of CSL said…

13. A Small and Cute Baby Elephant


‘Once the mum was down, the baby was small enough we could just lift her out of the pit’. They even carried the baby elephant, which was a she, back to the mother, who was 30 meters away. What happened next surprised everyone!

12. Heart-Breaking Cries


The baby saw her mother and immediately ran over to her, trying to wake her up by clinging to her ear. Rachel said that they ‘reversed the mum with the antidote’. You won’t believe what the baby does next!

11. Time for Breakfast


Rachel said that ‘soon as she [the elephant]started to get up the baby suckled immediately’. The calf was really hungry from trying to escape that pit a whole night. And there’s more!

10. Precious Moments


The poor baby elephant couldn’t be happier when he saw that her mother was alive and well. It also meant that it was breakfast time!

9. A Happy Ending


‘Everyone then happily wandered off’, said Rachel. Unfortunately, more baby elephants get stuck in pits, but both next stories have a happy ending. Let’s see what happened…

8. The Destructive Herd


In the Ramgarh district in India, locals prayed that the 60 elephants that were just passing would return to the forest. But there was an incident and the villagers of Sutri had to stay awake all night long!

7. A Calf Got Trapped


Unfortunately for a baby calf, the journey turned into a horrible experience. He got stuck into a well and couldn’t get out, no matter how hard his mother tried to save him. Lucky for them, villagers stepped in…

6. The Mother Was Peaceful


The mother retreated to the herd in the bushes while the forest officials were doing their best to save the baby elephant. It took them one hour to widen the well’s mouth and then the calf got out. He walked towards its family and everyone was happy and relieved!

5. This Mother Wasn’t Going to Back Down


This elephant mother wasn’t very patient and even made matters worse! Her baby was stuck in the pit for 11 hours and she used her trunk and her feet to get him out, but she almost killed it!

4. People Came to Help


The tiny elephant was finally seen by the people that lived near the Chatra district, India. They heard the cries and rushed to see what was happening. They had to keep the mother away from the pit…

3. Filming the Drama


Jitendra Tiwari filmed the whole situation and said that they even ‘We chopped off a few banana trucks and put it near the well so that the mother elephant moved away’.

2. An Easy Way Out


And then, the locals started removing the sand near the well, so that the mother elephant could get close enough to take the baby out using her trunk. Jitendra said that their plan worked and soon, the mother took out her baby.

1. Another Happy Ending


The tiny elephant was caked in mud, but his mother grabbed him out! They were seen later, holding each other’s trunks and walking side by side as they continued their journey.

We’re so happy that these baby elephants got out of trouble!

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