Deer Visits Local Store, Later Comes Back With An Adorable Surprise

A happy customer will always come back for more shopping, especially when the service is great. In the small town of Stout, Colorado, a mother deer made a stop to the store at the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park. We think she was looking for some yummy food and a pair of glasses, but she just settled for a peanut bar…

With winter still around, shopping was a necessary chore and half an hour later, the mamma dear came back with this surprise…

20. A Weird Customer

Guess who, one winter day, strolled casually into the store to check out the merchandise? It was a mamma deer who was looking for some sunglasses and then went ahead to browse the junk food section!

19. I Should Get Something For Home…

The mamma deer spent a few minutes browsing the store and not being able to make her choice, she asked for some advice from Lori Jones, the woman that worked at the shop. Here’s what happened…

18. An Interesting Visitor

Being at the foot of the Rockies in Fort Collins, local wildlife is blooming and meeting animals is not uncommon. However, never has the staff at the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park had them visiting their store!

17. A Normal Day At Work, Until…

Lori Jones was having a normal day at work when she saw a wild doe in the doorway. Lori was impressed by the brave wild doe and was looking at her in astonishment, waiting to see what her next move would be.

16. I’ll Just Check Something Out Before I Go…

The woman thought that the wild doe would go away, but instead, the deer entered the store and started looking at the shelves. Here’s what Jones said: ‘She was looking at the sunglasses and the chips. I was laughing so hard’. You’ll never guess what it did next…

15. Oh! Thank You, Kind Gentleman!

The deer even got a snack from a customer. People are very nice! Jones knew the deer, as she is a local and sometimes she passes near a field where deer graze. But never has she thought that the deer would come shopping!

14. Showing Her the Way Back

Jones believed that the deer lost her way, so she took a peanut bar in her hand and lured the doe outside to the field. The funny encounter was over. Or so she thought! Guess what happens later!

13. ‘Did You Meet The Kids?’

‘About 30 minutes later, here comes the deer again with her whole family’, said Jones. She was in the office, doing inventory and when she came out, she saw the deer’s twins and an adopted young buck. And they were well mannered…

12. ‘Can We Come in Too?’

‘They were just looking in the doorway like, ‘Can we come in too?’ I said, ‘No,’’ and strangely enough, they listened to her! Highly amused, Jones snapped some photos and then lured them all away with another peanut bar.

11. Go Back Home!

Jones remembers she had to clap her hands to send back the deer: ‘Take your children home’, she said to the momma doe. This was indeed a special moment that Jones will surely never forget. The random visitor made her day!

10. A Beautiful Place to Live In

The storekeeper said that it was ‘a lovely thing to see’ and that the wildlife in that place is big: ‘We have mountain lions, bighorn sheep, deer, raccoons — you name it. They have to fend for themselves.’

9. Wonderful Animals

‘That’s nature. But I think they’re all wonderful’, said Jones. She has a rule that she won’t feed wild animals because they have to manage without human intervention, but the deer deserved something to nibble on after their funny encounter.  Believe it or not, this is not the first time a deer has entered a store. Check out the next little guy!

8. Another Brave Deer

Walking through the door like any other customer, this deer also had some shopping to do. But the fawn was more interested in beverages than in chips and sunglasses. Here’s what the amused staff said…

7. Are You Kidding Me?

The newly hired cashier called the Assistant Store Director Andrew Reimer and told him that there was a deer in the store: ‘In the back aisle we had a white-tailed deer fawn, kind of staggering around a little dazed and confused’.

6. We Don’t Sell Wine or Spirits to Underage Minors!

They soon escorted the fawn out, because they are ‘very vigilant about not allowing underage minors into the wine and spirits department’. Next time a fawn comes in the store; they will use the code word ‘code brown’. The next deer is interested in something more delicious!

5. ‘M’am, I’m Looking for Some Green Veggies’

Another male deer went shopping into a Price Chopper supermarket in Cooperstown. ‘It was friendly as if somebody had been hand feeding it. You could walk up and pet it’, said Van Domelen.

4. A Nice Buck

It’s not always you go shopping and meet a friendly buck checking out the produce section in your local supermarket. The male deer only walked around for a few minutes, until some employees and Van Domelen escorted him out.

3. Getting Some Freebies

The buck only came out because he was lured with some food, which he was probably looking for in the first place. ‘One of the girls had food in her hand, so she started backing up out the door with it’, said Van Domelen.

2. It Worked Like a Charm

What do you do when you’re a deer and you’re hungry? You visit some stores and receive the food while people try to get you out of the building. This deer has it all figured out! And this next deer is adorable too!

1. ‘I went to Japan’

An image posted on Imgur shows us this deer: ‘I went to Japan. A deer was waiting to go into a store. That is all.’

People reacted to the photo in the funniest way: ‘Deer customers, please wipe your hooves on the mat before entering. Thank you.’

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