The Way This Pit Bull Babysits 5 Kittens Will Make Your Heart Melt

Who would have known that a pit bull would fall so deep in love with kittens? Ozzy is no regular pit bull! He lives with his family: two adults, three kids, and a cat. And he gets a lot of attention, but all Ozzy wanted was to win Norm over. The cat wasn’t going to have it, so Ozzy’s heart was broken!

His human mother understood why Ozzy was blue, so she made him the babysitter of a litter of 5 newborn kittens. Prepare for massive cuteness!

20. The Cat Rejected Ozzy…

Ozzy tried everything to make Norm like him and just rub his furry head on the pooch, but the cat didn’t feel like it. But Ozzy would be in for a treat when his mommy showed him 5 kittens!

19. ’Fluff Off!’

Norm is an old cat, and Jennifer Lajeniss, the mother, said that ‘the grumpy old man just tells him to fluff off’. Seeing the kittens brought by Jennifer, the cute pooch starts tending to them and licking each one….

18. Getting All the Love

Ozzy gets a lot of love from the family. He is a kids’ dog and even when he’s out for a walk, he would run to baby strollers to kiss all the babies. That’s so adorable!

17. Tasty Feet

Ozzy’s other favorite past time is to lick Lajeniss’ 5-year-old son, especially the boy’s feet. Ozzy considers the little boy his own puppy, so he’s doing what any father would do.

16. The Aggressiveness is Tremendous!

Lajeniss once said that if robbers came in their house, Ozzy would be there offering to hold the flashlight, ask how their day was and if they want to know where the TV set is. The pooch loves his new babies, just look at the next picture!

15. Let’s All Be Friends!

Ozzy wants to be friends with everyone, but what he really wanted was a cat of his own to take care of. And he got 5 of them! Jennifer saw a pregnant neighborhood cat named Winnie and she took her in. But she never expected this to happen…

14. Winnie, The Cat Mommy

Winnie was a stray that lived in the streets, and Jennifer got concerned about how the cat will deliver the kittens. So she took the cat in and when Winnie gave birth, Ozzy was in heaven!

13. A Kitten Family

Ozzy had a kitten family of his own and he’s the best uncle! He is on his feet when the kittens cry and he goes to cuddle and lick them. Winnie likes Ozzy too, and she’s thankful to get the help. The adorable Pit Bull even helps the cat with this next thing…

12. Bath Time

Every time they get out of their blanket, the kittens crawl to Ozzy for some baths and cuddles. Lajeniss said that ‘ever since we’ve allowed Oz to interact with the kittens, he’s been so happy’. And the cat really appreciates the help!

11. Thanks for the Break

Winnie shows her love to Ozzy too: ‘She’ll rub up on Ozzy almost to thank him for kitten sitting while she’s out getting a break’. But the family had to give some of the kittens away…

10. We Keep Two Cats!

Seeing that Ozzy was so happy with the kittens, the family decided to keep one of the kittens, who they have nicknamed Troublemaker. Winnie will also be spayed and she will stay with the family and with the gentle Ozzy.

9. Still Enough Time to Love Them

But before going up for adoption, Ozzy would enjoy more time by the kittens’ side. When they’ll be old enough, they will each go to their purrever homes. You’ll never guess how the pooch reacts when one of the kittens tries to escape his loving embrace…

8. Never Give Up

Ozzy never gives up on love’, said Lajeniss. And it looks like Ozzy has been receiving so much with these two new furry pals! The sweet pit bull is so happy by his cats’ side that he doesn’t know how to react!

7. Love To All The Felines

This adorable pit bull is proof that not all dogs hate cats. Ozzy loves them a lot and he’s even great at playing with the little fur balls! We’re glad Ozzy has his own cats now! And he’s not the only cat lover. Just look at this next pair!

6. Bubba, The Gentle Pit Bull

When Bubba was adopted by his mother Rebecca Pizzello, he was just a pup – merely 3 months old! That was six years ago, and at that time, Rebecca’s roommate rescued a litter of kittens.

5. Interesting Roommates

So, Bubba also had a few roommates that he grew up with until the kittens were old enough to be up for adoption. Since then, Rebecca said that ‘Bubba has had an endless affection for cats, like, literally obsessed’. And we can definitely see that in the following photo…

4. I’m Getting a Cat For My Dog

It’s so funny when you say it, but Rebecca actually had to do that: ‘I always knew he’d love having one of his own’. And when she finally moved to New York City, she adopted this cute ball of fur.

3. Mom, We Got Matching Clothes

So, Rebecca sent applications to adopt a cat. She received an answer and as soon as she saw it, she knew that was the one: ‘Rue stood out like no other and I took her home as fast as I could’. The dog was so happy when he saw the kitten!

2. Mind-Blowing!

‘The fact that Bubba and Rue have identical coloring still blows my mind’. It’s so cute to see this orange pair of fluffs roaming around the house and being up for no good!

1. Famous Orange Tails

‘Rue thinks Bubba is her mom and Bubba loves it. He bathes her like a baby and snuggles close to her to make her comfortable.’ If you loved seeing Bubba and Rue, then check them on their Instagram page! They have the most adorable photos and videos!

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