Man Saves Frozen Kitten That Everyone Else Ignored— The Transformation Is Incredible

The life of a stray is very tough, and not many animals survive when brutal winter comes. Last winter, a man saw a frozen cat on the side of a road. She was covered in snow and she wasn’t moving. People passed by her, ignoring her, thinking that she was already dead. But one kind man took pity on the kitten and stopped to see if it was still alive.

And this is how the frozen kitten got lucky and transformed into a gorgeous cat. But not before getting into surgery

20. A Cold Winter Day in Russia

It was a cold winter day when Slava, a Russian man, found a cat that at first sight looked like it was dead. But he was willing to see if there was still something that he could do, so he gave the cat a chance.

19. ‘I Thought it Was an Animal’

The man was interviewed and admitted that even he thought the cat was already dead. The fur was so frozen and it didn’t seem to be alive. Still, he took out his phone and filmed everything. These next pictures are emotional, so get some tissues.

18. The Video Got Viral

Slava’s YouTube channel – CatPusic – has a lot of subscribers, as he also has a cat of his own. He filmed the rescue and he then uploaded the entire story. You won’t believe how many views has gathered this incredible story!

17. Millions of People Saw the Frozen Kitten

The YouTube video was seen 5.1 million times! And there’s a good reason for why it was seen so many times. The poor kitten seemed like it didn’t stand a chance. But she went through an incredible transformation after Slava’s great rescue and special care!

16. A Busy Roadway

The road was busy and many vehicles passed by the poor kitten, but nobody stopped. Slava knew he would soon experience a beautiful story if the kitten was still alive. So, he got out of the car and approached the cat…

15. Freezing Temperatures

Winters in Russia are quite harsh, so Slava said that he saw the cat from his car: ‘I thought it was an animal and it must be freezing in this weather’. Knowing that not many people would notice her, he took a towel and went to save her.

14. Beginning the Rescue Mission

‘It was very cold, so I wrapped her up in a towel and brought her back to my car.’ This was only the beginning. ‘I turned up the heat to full capacity to help remove the frost on her coat’. He was headed home to give the kitten a closer look.

13. Getting Lost

Slava believed that the stray was just unlucky: ‘I think that the kitten got lost and ended up in a field with a few trees’. That’s how the cat got confused and, not being able to find her way back, she got stuck there…

12. Giving Up…

There was so much snow that the cat couldn’t get over that field and back to the trees, so she didn’t get the strength to move anymore. But lucky for her, she was now inside a warm house, wrapped in warm blankets.

11. The Cat Got Warmer

Slava used a radiator, a few blankets, and even a lamp to keep the cat warm. She was named Nika and as soon as it recovered from the cold, she started purring and rubbing against her hero’s hands. It was an adorable way to say ‘thank you’.

10. A Visit To The Vet

Slava went to the vet with Nika as soon as he could possibly get there. There, he learned that the cat was only 6-months-old and she was in almost perfect health. Her tail suffered from frostbite and half of it had to be amputated. But the cat was brave!

9. A Brave Kitten

Nika was a brave kitten after all she’s been through. Slava watched her every moment. She was put under anesthetic for the amputation. Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw this next photograph…

8. A Calm Patient

Meanwhile, the kitten was a darling: ‘She knew that we were trying to help’, said Slava. Not only was she a good kitten, but she was also very patient and ‘did not complain and was very sweet the whole time’.

7. Getting All The Loves

Her recovery after the amputation has been speedy. In two weeks of treatment, the cute fluff looked like nothing happened to her! She even wanted to play with Slava.

6. A Moving Ball Of Fur

‘She is an active cat who likes to play and run,’ and having only half of her tail will not make it hard to Nika. She is a happy cat and you can see that she gets a lot of attention.

5. Sparkles in Her Eyes

The video uploaded by Slava showed a healthy cat, with sparkly eyes – Nika was on the brink of death and after good care and two weeks of treatment, she looked as if she was another cat: full of life and cuddles.

4. A Saving Hand

Without Slava, the cat would now have been dead on that road where nobody would stop to give a helping hand. Perhaps nobody would notice her or nobody would care to save her… Lucky for her, Nika is not only alive…

3. Also Getting a Home

Nika is no longer the lifeless kitten that was frozen solid. She is now a fluffy and loving companion. She also has a home and she won’t have to worry about the freezing weather anymore!

2. No More Troubles

The poor cat’s troubles are now gone! Slava is lucky to have her around and Nika can chill in the cold winter days! Just look how cute she is!

1. A Full Transformation

It’s undeniable, Nika has made a full transformation from the frozen cat that didn’t even seem to be alive to this cute and puffy ball of fur that fills the room with purrs and love! Thank you, Slava, for being a kind man and saving Nika!

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