Woman Denied Emotional Support Peacock On United Flight

Pets are our companions, and many times being around them, has turned out to help us relax and feel better. Lately, the number of people accompanied by emotional support animals seems to have increased considerably. This has made a lot of officials from Airline Companies doubt their travelers.

You don’t know whose side to get on until you listen to everyone’s story, so let’s begin with this woman, who has been denied to fly alongside her emotional support peacock. Yes, you read that correctly – it’s a peacock.

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#20. Birds Of A Feather

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This might sound unusual for, well… for everyone, but a woman brought her emotional support pet to fly with her on a United Airlines flight. Reaching the Newark Liberty International Airport, she was shot down when it came to travel with the bird…

#19. Request Denied

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While Dexter had a plane ticket and was looking sharp, he couldn’t fly with the woman. That’s because Dexter is a peacock… Unfortunately, he was going to lose his chance to fly through the clouds with his human mother.

#18. A Celebrity Pet

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Dexter is famous in Bushwick, and he has his own Instagram page too. His mother is the artist Ventiko, and together they go everywhere. A lot of people have seen the odd pair on the streets of New York. But still, as famous as he was, Dexter didn’t get lucky.

#17. Official Statement From United

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As a response to Ventiko’s surprised reaction of not being able to fly with her emotional support peacock, a spokesperson for United said: “This animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size”. And that’s not all!

#16. The Woman Already Knew

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We explained this to the customers on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport“, continued the spokesperson. What made the airline so set on not receiving these weird requests? You’ll see…

#15. Delta Airline Restrictions

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On 19 January, Delta airline has announced that they will try to lower the abuse of the policy according to which people are allowed to be accompanied everywhere by their emotional support animals. And that’s because they’ve seen too much ill animal behavior!

#14. Unfortunate Events

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Lately, there has been an 84% of an increase in animals urinating, defecating, biting or attacking passengers on flights. Last year, a dog used for emotional support attacked a passenger and in 2014 a dog pooped in the aisle. What people have to say about it?

#13. Different Reactions

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Of course, it’s none of the animals’ faults. They’re not properly trained, or sometimes it’s just an accident… I mean, there’s been some people that commented on these facts, saying that it’s something people do too!

#12. A Majestic Peacock

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An airline staffer said that he’d rather get to see a “majestic peacock over the 5+ dogs that have attacked my coworkers just this past holiday season“. However, we bet you didn’t know what a peacock can do!

#11. Ventiko’s Peacock Pet

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Calling your pet an emotional support animal is nothing out of the ordinary. Many people have done it so that they can fly near their pets for free and not worry about them being put in a cage, separately. But if that’s the case, they should consider driving and not risking other people’s safety.

#10. A Major Problem To Service Animals Too

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Unfortunately, people that need psychiatric service animals must have a veterinarian health form and immunization record to Delta airline 48 hours before going on the plane. And that’s not all!

#9. Other Papers Needed

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There must also be additional papers like proof of the animal being trained to be a service animal and its health checked before. And from March, Delta airline will not allow exotic emotional support animals, such as ferrets, insects, spiders, pigs and so on.

#8. What Does The Peacock Say?

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This beautiful bird makes equally beautiful chirps, right? Nope! They are extremely loud and make high-pitched meow-like sounds. Okay, that’s only in the mating season that lasts from early spring to early autumn!

#7. What Happened To Dexter?

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Ventiko didn’t manage to get Dexter on the plane with her, so after a few unsuccessful attempts, she realized it would be in vain to further argue. They had to drive to Los Angeles and stole people’s chances to meet them on plane…

#6. A Major Issue For People With Guide Dogs

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The NFB has a major concern related to people that need guide dogs. In case of emergency, “they won’t be able to fly on Delta for family, medical or other emergencies” because they must make a 48-hour ‘intent-to-fly’ requirement. And it surely isn’t fair to them!

#5. A Punishment To Properly Trained Service Animals

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Eric Lipp, Executive Director of the Open Doors Organization support NFB, stating that “properly trained service animals are being punished by Delta. Here’s what a blind consultant said…

#4. “I Sympathize With The Airlines”

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Pat Pound is a disability consultant, who is also blind and travels with a guide dog. He said that too many people are cheating and the airlines just try to maintain the system, but their new policies will not solve the issue. He feels he will “end up being penalized“.

#3. Reevaluating The Support Animal Policies

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Related to Ventiko’s case and her peacock, United confirmed that they will reevaluate their policies: “We know that some customers require an emotional support animal to assist them in their journey.” But they will have to respect the 48 hours advance notice.

#2. Documentation Needed

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United will also require documentation from a medical professional to attest that the emotional support animal is needed. It sure is an effort, but it’s a necessity, in order to protect their “employees and customers while accommodating passengers with disabilities“.

#1. So, Whose Side Are We On?

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It’s a tough call! Would you enjoy your flight near a bird? Maybe you will, or you won’t. Who knows, perhaps in the future you’ll get lucky. We know that these guys did!

We love pets of all sizes, furry, feathery or scaly… But we live around other people and sometimes we should follow the rules even though we like it or not.

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