Adorable Eye-Less Dog Named Cinderella Gets Her Fairy Tale Ending After Being Abandoned

When many of us go on Craigslist to look for something, we don’t often expect to find a life worth saving. Between the listings of couches and available singles, the online world of Craigslist can be a bit sketchy. However, this woman found something amazing while she was looking through Craigslist: an adorable dog named Cinderella. You’ll be blown away by this woman’s dedication to a little Pug that needed a new home.

20. Craigslist

Image: Uella

Jessica Aliff is a teacher from Connecticut. She was off searching on Craigslist when she came across an unexpected listing that really resonated with her. Aliff knew right away that she had to respond…

19. The Listing

Image: ViralNova

While at times Craigslist listings can be a bit sketchy, this one was far from it. Jessica came across an advertisement for an adorable Pug that was looking for a new home. However, there was an issue with the Pug that Jessica immediately took notice of.

18. The Pug

Image: ViralNova

Her original owner listed the Pug, named Cinderella, on Craigslist. It seemed that the owner could no longer care for her and wanted Cinderella to find a caregiver that would love her forever. However, inside of the post was the huge health issue that was plaguing the adorable Cinderella.

17. Health Problems

Image: ViralNova

According to Cinderella’s owner, the cute little Pug was diagnosed with diabetes and was battling it for years now. Due to the diabetes, Cinderella actually lost sight in both of her eyes. Her original owner could no longer provide her with the support that she needed and that’s where Jessica stepped in.

16. Love At First Sight

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When Jessica came across the post she immediately fell in love with the precious Cinderella. She decided that she would contact the poster about adopting Cinderella and giving her a second chance at life. She never expected just how much she would change this one pug’s life…

15. The Adoption

Image: Facebook

Eventually, Jessica came into contact with the original owner and the owner gratefully obliged to give Cinderella up. Jessica brought Cinderella into her home and immediately began to care for her. However, she began to notice that the pup was struggling with a serious issue.

14. The Eyes

Image: Facebook

Although Cinderella had lost sight in both of her eyes, her eyes were still causing her an issue. Jessica noticed that the eyes would bulge and protrude from the pup’s head, causing her a great deal of discomfort.

She began to think about what to do…

13. The Decision

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Jessica began to think about the best decision for Cinderella’s health and happiness. Finally Aliff came to a choice. She decided that she would get Cinderella’s eyes completely removed. But did this pan out well for the pup?

12. The Best Choice

Image: ViralNova

It turned out that the decision to get Cinderella’s eyes removed was the best one Aliff could have made. Cinderella’s life completely changed for the better and her discomfort levels were at an all time low. Aliff’s next move was to help Cinderella adjust to her surroundings in the most dedicated manner…

11. A Guide

Image: Facebook

Since Cinderella could not see at all, Aliff used an intricate system to help guide her throughout the house. She set up baby gates all around in order to help her find her way to the bathroom and finding where her food is.

10. Baby Gates

Image: Amazon

Through the use of the baby gates, Cinderella has been able to maintain some of her independence and make her way around the house without as much of a struggle. But that’s not where Jessica’s care stops!

9. Sling

Image: Pinterest

In order to keep her safe when travelling, Jessica keeps Cinderella in a baby sling. She carries her around from place to place in order to ensure her safety while allowing her to get some much needed fresh air. Next, you’ll be blown away by the commands that Cinderella follows…

8. Stairs

Image: Facebook

Since Jessica lives in a home with stairs, she has taught Cinderella some very important commands. Jessica uses the words “up” and “down” to alert Cinderella to the stairwell and which direction she should go. How sweet is that?!

7. Danger Alert

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In order to keep Cinderella out of harm’s way, Jessica has also adopted another command. She uses the word “careful” to let Cinderella know when she is in harm’s way. This keeps her from bumping into objects and hurting herself.

6. Dedicated Mom

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Jessica has gone to great lengths to ensure that Cinderella lives a life as fulfilling as possible, no matter what disability she may have. This kind of dedication is rare and you’ll be even more shocked by how far she goes when you find out this next detail!

5. Many Pups

Image: ViralNova

It seems that Jessica has more dogs to take care of than just Cinderella. In fact, Cinderella has a bunch of brothers and sisters! Jessica has three other pugs and her boyfriend has three pugs as well. Talk about a real Brady Bunch family!

4. Fitting In

Image: Facebook

Cinderella fit right in when she was brought home by Jessica. She loved being surrounded by other pugs and felt loved immediately. Jessica has even commented on Cinderella’s personality and you may not expect what she had to say.

3. Feisty Puppy

Image: Facebook

Jessica has often noted that Cinderella is not a passive little Pug. She has stated that Cinderella’s personality is quite feisty and that the cute Pug is still full of life, despite having lost her eyes. Your heart will absolutely melt when you see what Cinderella’s favorite thing is!

2. Puppy Love

Image: Facebook

Although this little Pug is a feisty one, she still needs some love from her mama. She loves her cuddle time and Jessica definitely loves to spoil her with it too. It is truly a miracle that Jessica came across the Craigslist posting that placed Cinderella in her life.

1. Heartwarming Tale

Image: Facebook

It is incredibly heartwarming to hear about individuals like Jessica who go out of their way to save a life. Now Cinderella has a happy home and a comfortable life where she is very loved. Be sure to share this amazing story with all of your animal loving friends and family!

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