These Twin Babies Have Two Completely Different Skin Complexions & Here’s Why

It’s usually pretty easy to tell that twins are related when you see them next to each other. Whether they’re fraternal or identical, twins typically have some pretty similar features. However, these fraternal twin sisters have completely blown the Internet away with their different looks! Take a look at these gorgeous cuties that have gone absolutely viral after their mother posted some photos up on Instagram.

20. Photo Sharing

Image: Essence

When Clementina Shipley decided to share a photo of her fraternal twin daughters on social media, she expected the usual feedback from family and friends. After all, she was happy to show off her adorable new family additions. However, she never expected the reaction she would get.

19. The Girls

Image: Essence

Clementina began posting photos of the girls on their Instagram account: littlestronggirls. The account showed twins, Isabella and Gabriella, two adorable fraternal twin sisters that have completely different skin tones! The girls quickly became a viral sensation.

18. Posts

Image: Essence

When you look at the adorable, curly haired, doe-eyed babies you could instantly see why they would garner so much attention! Who could resist faces like theirs? And while the sisters may resemble one another, it is their complexion that has been turning heads.

17. Mother’s Word

Image: VT

Clementine Shipley was interviewed by Essence magazine about her adorable twins. She was happy to speak out about how quickly the girls became an Internet sensation and she was quite joyful about people’s responses.

We have received a ton of love from our posts,” the twins’ mother, Clementine Shipley, told Essence. You won’t believe how much the account has grown!

16. Instagram Account

Image: Instagram

The girls became popular thanks to the photo-sharing app, Instagram, where their mother began uploading photos of the two seven-month-old twins. Although the account was only created in July, it has racked up a follower count of 42k. While most of the feedback has been positive, there have been some negative comments that Clementine has worked hard to overcome.

15. Negative Commentary

Image: Shareably

While a majority of the comments are positive with people sending their love and good wishes to the girls, there are still those that have tried to rain on their parade. Clementine began to notice that some commenter’s began to focus in on the fact that one of the girl’s was much lighter in skin color than the other.

14. The Feedback

Image: Shareably

From time to time we’ve ran into negative comments about Gabriella’s colour, if she’s loved and if she considered beautiful because of her darker complexion,” Clementine said. However, Clemetine does not let the negative comments bring her or her daughters down.

13. Parenting

Image: Instagram

Clementine spoke out saying that she and her husband have been discussing ways to make sure that both of their daughters grow up comfortable in their own skin – no matter what shade. They’re goal is to raise daughters that will be happy and confident. They also say that there’s a bigger difference between the girls than just their skin color.

12. Differences


Image: Instagram

Isabella is a calm baby and super laid back. She giggles whenever you stare at her and loves to be tickled. Gabriella started crawling at 5 months as has not stopped moving since. She a smiling ball of energy and loves to snuggle,” Shipley told Essence of the 7-month-olds.

But this isn’t the only misconception about the twins!

11. Ethnicity Questions

Image: Instagram

Also some people think they must be mixed but they are African-American, gray eyes run in our family so two of our three children have them, once again showing how amazing African-American genes are,” Clementine told Essence.

And their twin isn’t the only child of theirs with gray eyes!

10. Older Sister

Image: Shareably

The couple also has another gorgeous daughter named Angelina and she is just as cute as you might imagine. Clementine has had a lot to say about Angelina and how she has been dealing with the responsibility of being an older sister.

9. Big Sister

Image: Essence

Our oldest Angelina is doing great as a big sister, from the day she met the twins she wanted to hold and hug them,” Shipley said of the 2-year-old. Take a look at this cutie’s adorable smile.

But this set of twins isn’t the only ones that have managed to make headlines over the years! Check out the world’s first set of twins born with different skin colors!

8. Biracial Twins


Lucy and Maria Aylmer were born in Gloucester, England, on January 16, 1997. The sisters were a set of fraternal twins, however, they were no ordinary twins. The girls were born looking completely different from one another!

7. Their Parents


The girl’s father, Vince, is a Caucasian man while their mother, Donna, is half Jamaican. In turn, these two fraternal twins gathered completely different traits from both of their parents and came out looking incredibly unique! Check out the girls as they’ve aged through the years.

6. Serious Differences


On the left is redheaded blue-green eyed Lucy and on the right is dark brown eyed, thick curly haired Maria. The girls look absolutely nothing alike and yet they shared a womb together. Just check out what Lucy had to say about her and her sister’s complexions.

5. Lucy’s Words


Our brothers and sisters have skin which is in between Maria and I,” said Lucy to Daily Mail, “We are at opposite ends of the spectrum and they are all somewhere in between. But my grandmother has a very fair English rose complexion, just like mine.”

4. Weird Reactions


Just like the Shipley twins, people’s reactions were quite mixed. Many people couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that the girls are fraternal twins. When their mother would dress them up in matching outfits they would often get odd stares…

The girls even dealt with bullying.

3. Bullying


Maria recounted her hatred of her hair growing up stating, “I used to cry about it. I hated my curly hair.” Lucy struggled with her own fair complexion, expressing that, “They thought I was adopted and called me a ghost.” However, these days the girls have grown up and have embraced their unique looks and styles.

2. Close Bond


Despite being so different personality wise and style wise, the girls have grown into their own skin. They share a very close bond and consider each other best friends. They explained, “Now we have grown older, even though we still look so different, the bond between us is much stronger.”

1. Amazing Twins

Image: Majestic Bunny

It is truly an amazing phenomenon that twins can look just so unique. We look forward to seeing how the Shipley twins grow up and are amazed by the Aylmer twin’s transformation throughout the years.


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