Harassed Women in Egypt Are Turning To This Man For Help

Harassment is scary and having to deal with it on a daily basis can be intimidating. Women especially often face sexual harassment and many aren’t aware of the specific measures that can be taken to protect themselves. Due to the increasing number of harassment in Egypt, these women have begun looking for help and it just so happens to be from this handsome Egyptian officer. You’ll be surprised by how this officer has been helping women protect themselves against attacks.


20. Captain Samir

Image: BBC

At first glance, you might mistake Captain Mina Samir for a fitness guru and bodybuilder. After all, he happens to take very good care of himself. However, this 25-year-old man is actually an Egyptian police officer.

19. Gym Lover

Image: Twitter.com

As a police officer who risks his life on a daily basis, Samir loves to workout and take care of his body in order to stay in shape for his job. His love of fitness and nutrition pushed him to run several Facebook pages that all center around fitness with one in particular that became quite popular.

18. Women’s Fitness

Image: Facebook

While Samir is the admin of several Facebook fitness pages, there is one group in particular that grew wildly popular. One of his fitness groups amassed a following of 800,000 women, as it focused entirely on women’s fitness. For a while the page focused primarily on fitness, but soon it became popular for a completely different reason.

17. Advice

Image: BBC

At first, the fitness group focused entirely on fitness. Women would come to the page for help from Samir, inquiring about the best workout routines for their bodies and how to stay in shape. Then, women began to ask more serious questions and Samir felt it was his duty as an officer to help as much as he could.

16. Harassment

Image: India Today

Suddenly, Samir’s inbox became flooded with women asking him for advice about how to ward off harassers and stay safe. It all started with one woman in particular and Samir described the situation to BBC in great detail.

15. The First Woman

Image: Huffington Post

A woman had messaged Samir desperately in need of advice. Her boyfriend was threatening to leak private photos of her and blackmail her and she had no idea what to do to protect herself. She was scared and hoped that Samir could help…

14. His Advice

Image: Facebook

The officer said, “I told her what to do and what steps to take. Gradually I started to receive tons of similar messages every day.” Samir’s reputation as an online savior began to grow after that point.

13. Victims

Image: Facebook

A female victim of harassment usually faces accusations of being indecent or obscene,” he said. He understood how scary and frustrating the situation could be for these women so he decided that he would help them in any way he could.

12. Samir’s Thoughts

Image: Facebook

Few people would support her and harassers exploit the situation,” he told Egyptian TV channel TeN. Samir also spoke out against the Middle Eastern culture that he believes helps support abusers and exploit victims.

11. BBC Investigation

Image: BBC

A BBC investigation actually found that thousands of women in Middle Eastern societies with strictly conservative laws have been humiliated or blackmailed with private and sexually explicit images. So Samir decided to take matters into his own hands.

10. Lots of Messages

Image: YouTube

In the beginning, Samir would receive around nine to ten messages in a day. He was more than happy to respond to everyone with personalized advice and then suddenly the messages grew and grew. It began to get incredibly overwhelming and he never expected such a rapid growth!

9. More Messages

Image: BBC

Suddenly, as the word spread, Samir’s inbox became flooded with thousands and thousands of messages. Women asked Samir for advice with how to deal with cyber and real-life harassment and he was totally shocked at just how many women were dealing with predators on a daily basis.

8. Facebook Requests

Image: BBC

His inbox became so flooded that he couldn’t even begin to respond to everyone. Families began to tag him in requests, asking for help in regards to their daughter’s safety. Check out what one family requested.

7. Family Request

Image: Al Arabiya

One family went out of their way to post a request for help on Samir’s page which read: “I heard about Captain Mina and how he helps girls, I hope there is something he can do to help her.”

Samir has been quite shocked by how many messages he has received.

6. Overwhelming

Image: Africa is a Country

The phenomenon of female harassment has become scary. I used to reply to nine or 10 messages a day. Now I cannot cope – in one week, I could receive thousands of messages asking for help.”

Samir has still done his best to provide some amazing help…

5. The Best Advice

Image: Gurl.com

Through his messages Samir has advised women on how to handle online stalkers, how to report them, and will even reach out to family members that want to help. He even explained how a cyber-stalker manipulates situations.

4. Cyber-Stalker

Image: The Megaphone

A cyber-stalker is a coward. He usually manipulates the information he gets about his victim and takes advantage of her fear that her reputation will be smeared,” Captain Samir explained. Samir still continues to help in as many ways as he can.

3. Posting Advice

Image: Digital Rights Foundation

In many cases, women do not know how to protect themselves,” Samir said. Now, Samir has begun posting daily tips on how to avoid cyber-stalkers and detect fake Facebook groups that are looking to solicit information from unsuspecting women.

2. Helpful Officer

Image: Facebook

For now, Samir has been helping women in whatever ways he can. Whether it’s through answering private messages or posting daily tips, Samir has made it his duty to help protect all of these Egyptian women from scary harassment situations.

1. Good Samaritan

Image: Everyday Feminism

Captain Mina Samir is the kind of officer all of us hope to encounter in this lifetime. Through his help, thousands of women have managed to escape terrible situations brought on by cyber-stalkers and harassers.

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