This Woman Found The Love of Her Life On Twitter After Going Through A Break-up – Now They’re Getting Married

There is nothing we love more than an adorable love story and this one just happens to take the cake. When this young woman was left heartbroken without a wedding date she decided to take matters into her own hands. She posted onto social media saying that she was looking for a date. Little did she know that she was about to meet the love of her life.


20. Meet the Couple

Image: Buzzfeed

Meet Madison O’Neill and her fiancé Charlie Dohrmann. The pair are both from Iowa but are currently living in San Diego while Charlie is in the army. The pair is newly engaged and their pairing has been the talk of the Internet.

19. Proposal

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The couple was dating for 2 ½ years when Charlie proposed to Madison. She was completely blown away by the proposal and was not expecting it at all. Check out what she told Buzzfeed News.

18. Shocking

Image: Twitter

I thought he was kidding at first and when I realized he wasn’t I freaked out,” she said. “I didn’t see it coming at all.” Madison was incredibly happy about the proposal and while this may seem like a casual pairing it is far from it!

17. So Cute

Image: Buzzfeed

While the couple has been posting some pretty adorable photos onto social media, that isn’t what got their story to become viral. Instead, it is the actual story of how these two met that has got everyone excited and you won’t believe it when you read about it.

16. Twitter

Image: Twitter

Madison was going through a break-up and realized that she had no one to attend a wedding with. She promised her brother that she would go with him and his date but she didn’t want to be a third wheel so she began to think on her feet.

15. Looking for Love

Image: Twitter

What initially started off as a joke turned into a pretty serious deal. Madison decided to turn to Twitter to find a date for the wedding. So she tweeted that she was looking for a date and the messages began to come in.

14. Just for Fun

Image: Twitter

I figured if anyone responded it would be a close friend that would come with me just for fun,” she said. However, she never expected that one user would take the request seriously.

13. The Tweet


Image: Twitter

“So hmu if you wanna be my date to a wedding tomorrow,” she wrote on July 10, 2015. Suddenly, Charlie saw the tweet and replied back, “Dude, I’ll be your date to a wedding!”

12. Old Acquaintances

Image: Twitter

Funny enough, Madison and Charlie were not complete strangers. They attended the same high school together but the two had never actually spoken before. Charlie decided that he’d take a chance.

11. Courageous Man

Image: Buzzfeed

He thought I was cute in high school but never had the courage to talk to me, but he saw that tweet as an opportunity and thought, hey why not,” she said. So Charlie sent her a Direct Message on Twitter telling her that he’d be her date. Madison was hesitant at first…

10. The Details

Image: Twitter

Charlie messaged her and asked for all of the details. While Madison did reply she was quite nervous about the entire situation, as she had never actually spoken to him before. She worried that they wouldn’t have anything to talk about or get along.

9. Saying Yes

Image: Twitter

I ended up saying yes because I figured that having one awkward date wouldn’t be the end of the world, and I might as well go for it,” she said. It ended up being the best decision ever because the pair got along great.

8. Official

Image: Twitter

Sometime after the wedding, Charlie and Madison began exclusively seeing one another. “I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that we’d end up where we are now,” Madison said.

However, the relationship hasn’t been easy for both of them due to an unexpected change of events.

7. Long Distance

Image: Little Things

Dohrmann enlisted into the U.S. Navy boot camp around six weeks after the couple started dating. Madison always swore to herself that she would never date someone in the military because she’s “too clingy for that.” But Charlie made the effort to make it work.

6. Silly Tricks

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Charlie would do silly things like leave his sunglasses at her place or his wallet so that they would see each other again. The two decided to make the long distance work despite Charlie being in San Diego and Madison attending school in Iowa.

5. Recent Trip

Image: InspireMore

During Madison’s most recent trip to San Diego, Charlie decided to take the plunge and propose to her before he shipped out on deployment. Madison decided to share the story with Twitter and the Internet went wild.

4. The Post

Image: Twitter

Madison tweeted out photos of the situation and captioned it all saying, “Crazy how things work out.” Twitter users immediately flocked over to the post and the reactions the couple got were priceless.

3. Twitter Reactions

Image: Buzzfeed

Everyone on Twitter quickly fell in love with the couple’s love story with some users even demanding that Twitter pay for the ceremony between the two. Others simply congratulated Charlie on being brave enough to ask in the first place.

2. Wedding Plans

Image: Twitter

For now, the couple has left wedding planning on the backburner until Charlie returns home. He wants to be apart of the wedding planning and promises to shout out Twitter during his wedding speech.

1. Social Media Love

Image: InspireMore

It is definitely something I will mention in my speech,” Charlie said when asked about Twitter.

It’s truly amazing to see people find love in this modern day and age. Be sure to share this story with all of your family and friends hoping to find love one day too!

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