Ohio Woman Took Maternity Photos With 20,000 Bees On Her Belly – Now She Shares Some Heartbreaking News

When Emily Mueller discovered that she was pregnant for the fourth time she was incredibly excited. She was so excited, in fact, that the bee-lover decided to engage in an out of the ordinary maternity photoshoot with bees all over her belly. The photos quickly became viral on the Internet however, she now shares some devastating news that no one saw coming.

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#20. The Mueller’s

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Emily Mueller and her husband Ryan have a big and happy family. The two are parents to three kids: Cadyn, 10, Madelynn, three, and one-year-old Westyn. The couple also runs their very own business and you won’t believe what they do!

#19. Family Business

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The Mueller’s happen to run their very own business called the Mueller Honey Bee Removal. The couple has a serious love for bees and they have figured out a way to incorporate their love for striped bugs and business to create a lucrative family business.

So what does their business do exactly?

#18. Honey Bee Removal

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Since the Mueller’s love honey bees, they go out of their way to humanely remove honey bees from people’s homes and businesses. On their website, it says that the couple is “saving bees one hive at a time.” They then provide a sanctuary for the bees they recover from the home.

#17. Honey

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So far, the Mueller’s have acquired 24 beehives and have saved around 1.2 million honey bees altogether. Thanks to all of their bee rescues, the couple has been able to open up a second business called the Mueller Honey Bee where they sell honey and natural remedy products. While many would fear bees, the Mueller’s adore them and that’s how their maternity shoot idea began…

#16. Expansion

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While their company continued to expand, the Mueller’s family also began to grow. In early 2017, Emily realized that she was pregnant for the fourth time and the couple decided to commemorate the event in an extraordinary way.

#15. Two Loves United

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The Mueller’s decided to take some beautiful maternity photos of Emily while incorporating their favorite insects too. They didn’t want to just have a bunch of bees in the background however they wanted the bees to be a part of the main attraction.

#14. Bee Photoshoot

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Emily decided that she would do a maternity photoshoot with 20,000 bees swarming on her belly. Emily held the bees to a high regard and felt that they symbolized this new chapter of her and her family’s life together. “Bees represent life and death,” she told Cleveland.com

#13. Explanation

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She continued, “We’ve had three miscarriages, so these pictures are dedicated to life and death, to all of the children we’ve had.” So the Mueller’s went on to make the proper arrangements with photographer, Kendrah Damis and they were off to do the shoot!

#12. The Bees

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In order to get the bees to swarm on her belly, the couple first removed the queen bee from her hive, which caused the rest of the colony to follow after her. They made sure to feed the bees beforehand so they would be calm and it would deter them from stinging…

#11. Photos Taken

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mirror

Once the bees all swarmed over to her belly, Damis began to take the photos. The couple was incredibly pleased with how the photo shoot came out so they decided to share them with the Internet and boy did they cause a buzz…

#10. People’s Opinions

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The opinions from online users were incredibly mixed. The beauty of the photoshoot blew some users away while others argued that it was incredibly risky to both Emily and the baby. Emily quickly shot back at the negative comments.

#9. Background Information

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Emily quickly provided negative commenters with some information about the situation. She told the users that although she was stung three times there were no other serious problems with the shoot and that there was no harm to her or the baby.

#8. No Anxiety

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A lot of people think I’m insane, but I’m so comfortable with bees, so it was never something I had anxiety about,” she told the Daily Mail. “I wore a dress that was long and covered my stomach and legs so the bees would be on the outside of my body as a cautionary measure, but I knew it was safe.”

#7. Viral Sensation

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Since the photos became such a hot topic on the Internet, Emily received tons of comments from users that wanted updates on the pregnancy. The online users even dubbed her new baby the Mueller’s “little beekeeper.” However, tragedy unexpectedly struck the family and they shared the news with the Internet.

#6. Facebook Post

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It is with the most deepening sadness I share that our sweet Emersyn Jacob was born an angel yesterday at 10:18 p.m.,” Emily wrote on Facebook.He weighed seven pounds, one ounce and was 20.25 inches long. Please pray for us today and the days to come.”

#5. Stillborn

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Emily had, unfortunately, delivered her child stillborn 6 days before the determined due date. She revealed that she felt something was wrong when she stopped feeling the baby moving around. Then she began to have terrible contractions…

#4. Contractions

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The contractions that Emily felt were completely unlike the ones she felt with her other children’s births. Emily tried to calm herself down by reassuring herself that everything was ok with the baby, despite feeling that things weren’t.

I just told myself he was sleeping,” she wrote on Facebook. “But as the time passed, I felt uneasy about it.”

#3. No Heartbeat

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That night the couple tried to monitor for the baby’s heartbeat and heard nothing at all. Emily then quickly phoned her midwife for help. A male obstetrician quickly alerted her to check into the local hospital. “I’m glad he did because I still felt I just needed to give it time but knew in my heart something was wrong.”

#2. No Idea

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The Mueller’s still have no idea what caused the miscarriage. However Emily has suspicions that a blood-clotting issue that is hereditary in her family may be the culprit. In the meantime, the Internet has outpoured love and prayers to the family that is grieving the loss of their baby.

#1. Grateful

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You could not deny he was loved by so many people,” Emily and Ryan wrote on Facebook.And we continue to see this through the outpour of love and support you all are providing. Just knowing people are thinking about us and hurting with us relieves so much of our own pain.”

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