This Girl Transformed Herself Into A Real-Life Anime For The Most Curious Reason

With the Internet so readily available to all of us, it’s no surprise that we’ve been exposed to some pretty out of this world people and situations. However, some people just seem to take the cake and this young girl is one of them. Anime is a term typically used for Japanese animation and it has a pretty big fan base. Sometimes, as with any fan base, people take the obsession a bit far and this teenage girl who has managed to turn herself into an anime character will blow you away. Stick around for #15 and #8 to see her crazy transformation.

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#20. The Living Barbie

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Do you all remember Valeria Lukyanova? She was the Ukrainian woman who went absolutely viral when it was discovered that she was attempting to become the human equivalent of a Barbie doll. And boy did she succeed and she managed to influence some followers as well…

#19. Valeria’s Transformation

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You see, Valeria took the challenge very seriously and she went to great lengths to become a human Barbie. She underwent a lot of surgery and has perfected her makeup routine to look as perfect as possible. This type of transformation greatly inspired another Ukrainian girl and you won’t believe how!

#18. The Look Accomplished

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You see, looking like a Barbie doll doesn’t come naturally and it definitely doesn’t come without a cost. In order to achieve her look Valeria underwent breast augmentation, nose jobs, and has a self-reported figure with the measurements of 33-17-34. It’s no wonder that she managed to inspire some followers with her newsworthy looks…

#17. Admirers

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With all the admiration and attention Valeria was getting, it was only expected that some followers would come out of the woodworks with their own versions of looking like a cartoon character. Lo and behold, another young Ukrainian girl became quite interested in the art of makeup and she completely transformed herself into an Internet sensation. So what does she look like?

#16. The Anime Girl

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Meet Anastasiya Shpagina, the real-life anime girl. This young woman is only 19-years-old and has managed to gain tons of online followers through her wacky hairstyles and crazy makeup transformation. Can you even believe that she looks like this? How does she do it?

#15. The Transformation

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Her favorite animes and manga comics inspire this large doe-eyed young woman with her bright hair colors. If you saw her walking around you’d think she sauntered straight out of your favorite anime episode. But did she get surgery like Valeria?

#14. YouTube World

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No, it seems that unlike Valeria, all of Anastasiya’s looks are created through the magic of makeup products. She has taken to the world of YouTube to show off her looks and teach others how they too can Cosplay some of their favorite anime looks. But, this process isn’t simple and you won’t believe how long it takes her to complete a daily look.

#13. Long Process

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In order to produce the large, glassy-eyed look it takes Shpagina 30 minutes just to paint one eye. Can you imagine spending that much time on your eye makeup before heading out to work? However, it seems that the process has gotten her quite a big online following…


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Who knew that so many people loved anime and manga? Shpagina’s Facebook fan page has almost 12,000 likes. However, that’s nothing compared to the number of views that her YouTube videos get. You’ll be shocked at how many videos she racked up on one transformation video!


Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

Shpagina has managed to steadily grow a cult following of people who are very much in love with her transformation process. Her “Flower Fairy” tutorial video has reached 8 million views with the comments section a mixture of intrigued and weirded out users. However, the makeup transformations are suddenly not enough for Shpagina and she’s looking to take things to the next level.

#10. Surgery

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Shpagina has currently been reported as looking into the possibility of getting eye surgery. As much of her YouTube channel involves looking like an anime character, she hopes to increase the size of her eyes through surgery so that she doesn’t have to spend as much time on her makeup routine. But you won’t believe what her body looks like without surgery currently.

#9. Her Look

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Currently, Shpagina is 5ft 2 inches tall and only weighs 85 pounds. Her attempts to look as much like an anime character have left her losing weight on purpose to keep up the appearance. She has even taken some pointers from Valeria…

#8. Friends

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It seems that thanks to their unusual appearances, Valeria and Anastasiya have become friends and the two girls have been seen taking photos together. Valeria’s website often encourages others to send in photos of themselves with unusual makeup looks and that is exactly what Anastasiya did.

#7. Odd Diets

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Valeria instantly fell in love with Shpagina’s anime look and the two became friends. In fact, they even shared their diets with one another and have both admitted that they skip out on bread, meat, and fish in order to keep their super-slim figures. So what do these girls eat?

#6. Restricted Diet

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In order to keep their tiny physiques, the girls have a very restricted diet. The only foods that they eat are fruits and vegetables. Their odd looks and peculiar diet have gotten them a lot of negative attention as well but it doesn’t seem to bother either one of them.

#5. Unbothered

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Thanks to their outlandish appearance, both Valeria and Anastasiya garnered tons of attention but not all of it has been positive. So how has Shpagina responded regarding all of the negative commentaries?

“I don’t pay attention to reactions, the most important thing for me is my comfort,” Shpagina told a Ukrainian talk show.

#4. Future Plans

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For now, Anastasiya is keeping up her YouTube transformation videos, of which she has a ton. You can see that she doesn’t just do anime girl transformations either. She has even turned herself into iconic television characters and other YouTubers. Take a look at the next photo!

#3. Transformations

Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

Here you can see how she turned herself into eleven from Stranger Things and she has even turned herself into the most famous YouTuber, PewDiePie. In the meantime, she has also continued her friendship with Valeria and the two can be seen everywhere together. Check out the next photo for proof!

#2. Unconventional Friendships

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Here are the two posing together once again. It seems that our friendships really are a reflection of ourselves and this friendship duo is definitely proof of that. Could a possible makeup duo tutorial be the next step forward for these unconventional beauties?

#1. Cool or Weird

Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

For now, Shpagina is continuing to upload photos of herself with fairy wings and exaggerated features. Her fans are still enticed by her looks and continue to support her through it. So, what do you think about this new form of beauty? Is it cool or just plain out weird?

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