15+ Adorable Pets Who Are Slaying At Cosplay

Cosplay, or costume play, is a popular hobby that involves dressing up in one of your favorite movie, TV, or anime characters. However, with the hobby gaining more & more attention, many people have taken to getting their adorable pets involved! Here are 15+ adorable pets that are absolutely killing it at cosplay! Stick around for #12 and #5, they’re our favorites!

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#20. Minion

Photo: Courtesy of rubiespetshop

We’re sure you’ve seen some of the adorable minion quotes that have been shared on the Internet but have you seen a pup dressed up as a minion?! Well, here you go! This little pup named Ethel is giving the real minions a run for it with how cute she looks! Next, we have a Superman & Robin duo whose cuteness will drive you mad!

#19. Superman & Robin

Photo: Courtesy of topvirallists.com

Hey, wait a minute! Did Superman just steal Batman’s sidekick? Why yes he did and this cosplay duo is just too cute to reprimand. Who cares if it’s not the iconic duo, we love this adorable and fluffy take on it. Our next animal cosplay will blow away Game of Thrones fans!

#18. Game Of Thrones

Photo: Courtesy of topvirallists.com

Check out these three pugs as they reenact Robb Stark, Ned Stark, and Jon Snow. ‘Game of Thrones’ fans will absolutely adore this cosplay. Their owner, Sue Lauer, is a professional photographer and she couldn’t resist dressing her pugs up for this fantastic photoshoot!

#17. Star Wars

Photo: Courtesy of topvirallists.com

Did anyone ask for an amazing Star Wars cosplay because here you go! These two little pooches are doing Yoda and Chewbacca justice. But we’re not through with the Star Wars looks just yet – check out the next one for a stunning Princess Leia that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off.

#16. Princess Leia

Photo: Courtesy of topvirallists.com

Have you seen a better looking Princess Leia cosplay? That’s right, you haven’t! This little bugger takes the cake and this Chihuahua is almost too cute to be real. This little cutie should audition for the next big Star Wars movie.

#15. Captain America

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…wait, this isn’t Superman. You’re absolutely right, this is Captain America: Guinea Pig version. He’s four times as small but twice as cuddly and will probably only save you from lonely nights as he makes for an adorable pet! Next, we’ve got a fabulous duo that’s paying tribute to a classic 80s film all about ghosts and a scientist Bill Murray.

#14. Stay Puft And Slimer

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

If you came to this list looking for a precious cosplay on some evil villains then you came to the right place. Look how great these two pups look in their Ghostbusters cosplay. It’s enough to make any 80s movie fan swoon.

#13. Batman

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Na – na – na – na – na – na – Batcat! This little cutie is ready to fight crime as the ultimate vigilante cat hero. He’ll start by napping on top of your laptop as you’re trying to get work done and then plop himself on your head while you’re trying to watch the end of your favorite movie. It’s all for the path of righteousness, after all.

Harry Potter fans, you’ve been warned, the next image is d’awww inducing.

#12. Harry Potter + Fluffy

Photo: Courtesy of topvirallists.com

Here we have a toddler-sized version of Harry Potter taking Fluffy out for a walk. This duo is off to cast some spells and scare off unsuspecting travelers. Next, we have a heroin warrior that will demand you acknowledge her cuteness with her boomerang tiara.

#11. Wonder Woman

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Here we have the adorable Roxie all dressed up and ready to defend the planet in her Wonder Woman costume. Roxie sure is killing it as a super dog – just look at her adorable mini-sized Lasso of Truth! Now you may have seen the cat version of Batman, but this next one is so out of the ordinary you won’t believe it.

#10. Bat-Horse

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

You can’t deny that this is both a combination of hilarious, inventive and just downright precious. This Batman is definitely going to need a larger Batmobile. Our next furry, four-legged friend has made the god of chaos look less villainous and more cuddly…

#9. Loki

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Who knew that the God of Chaos could look so innocent and adorable? This pup is ready for his role in the next feature film from Marvel. You know you wouldn’t want to mess with him after looking into those eyes.

#8. Beanie Baby

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Talk about a clever/witty cosplay idea. Beanie babies were all the rage in the 90s and there were dozens of different animals to collect but none as cute as this Beanie Baby kitty. The next cosplay is an original take on an old-school British sci-fi television series that many grew up on.

#7. Fourth Doctor And The Tardis

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Here’s a super unique Dr. Who cosplay with two darling pugs. As you can see, the first pug, Reba, has taken on the role of the tardis while the one in the back, Bailey, is the fourth Dr. Who with the appropriate scarf colors. These adorable pugs are ready to travel through time and space – just don’t forget to bring the canned food!

#6. BMO

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

Adventure Time fans will love this lizard’s cosplay version of BMO. The costume was hand-painted and stitched by the owner. This is definitely one of the most epic cosplays on the list.

Check out the next dynamic duo of pipe traveling video game brothers will make your heart melt!

#5. Mario + Luigi

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Did you grow up on video games – specifically Mario & Luigi Nintendo games? Then you’ll truly appreciate these two pup brothers as they cutely strut their stuff. Fortunately, you won’t need a game controller to get these brothers to move, just a nice treat!

#4. Bane

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Can you believe just how real this Bane dog costume looks? You’d almost mix him up for the real deal. Batman, better watch out for this one – he looks vicious! Next, we have another hero that is ready to protect his Meow Mix at any cost.

#3. Supercat

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

We’ve seen Batcat but have you seen a Supercat quite as cute as this one? Granted, he looks a little grumpy but that just adds to the charm. Maybe we’ll rename him Super Grump Cat?!

Next, you’ll see a hero and his greatest foe and you won’t believe how funny the outcome is.

#2. Catman + Joker

Photo: Courtesy of costumewall.com

Behold, the brave Catman and his biggest arch-nemesis, The Joker. These two would be perfect in the next Christopher Nolan film…if he planned to shoot the whole thing with cats. Finally, we have a really charming princess whose costume will thrill you.

#1. Snow White

Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the cutest cosplayer of all? Seems like little Snow White is pretty darn cute if you ask us. Just look at the red bow in her ears – priceless!

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