20+ Examples Of People Having The Best Day Ever

Call it fate, call it luck, call it whatever you’d like but sometimes the Universe just seems to be in tune with exactly what we need. While it isn’t often that many of us get a break, it does happen and when it does we’re eternally grateful. That being said, we’re also very happy for other people who seem to get lucky breaks from time to time. Here are 27 people who may have just had the best day of their life. You’ll be shocked at #15 & #7!

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

#27. Balancing Act

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

We start out our collection with a balancing act of epic proportions. It isn’t often that you see a car in this very position without it completely toppling over to the ground. We can bet that the driver is kissing the ground and making vows to turn his life around after this near-death experience.

Next, you won’t believe how lucky this car owner ended up to be when a tree toppled over.

#26. Lucky Miss

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Just look at how that tree toppled over! Have you ever seen anything so insane? But forget about that part, check out the car that wasn’t harmed at all. Talk about avoided a scratch, this guy is definitely thanking his lucky stars. If you thought this tree aversion was lucky you won’t believe the next one.

#25. Unbelievable

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

It’s one thing to avoid a single tree entirely, but it takes a serious lucky streak to avoid two. Just check out how these cars completely avoided getting crushed by two different trees. Things like this only ever happen in the movies, don’t they?!

#24. Don’t Flush

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Dropping a phone, especially a smartphone, into a toilet is every person’s worst nightmare. There is simply no way to revive your phone after that. Sometimes, the Universe gives you a break and this person is definitely grateful for that. No need for a tub of rice.

Our next person is certainly enjoying a relaxing time in a hot tub and you won’t believe who’s keeping him company.

#23. Hot Tub Fun

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Who knew that joining the cheer squad could turn into such a great plan? Look who’s chilling in the hot tub with some babes now. He’s certainly living out every teenage boy’s fantasy.

Next, we have another vehicle miracle that should never have happened in real life.

#22. No Scratches

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Who would win? One lamppost or a car? It seems that sometimes the Universe has a funny sense of humor and who could blame it? We bet this car owner is feeling pretty darn lucky after such a close call.

#21. No Lines

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as heading into a grocery store and seeing open registers. No lines and no wait, that’s something that you could only dream about!

Next, if you happen to collect fine china you’ll be freaked out at the following image.

#20. The China

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

We’re not exactly sure how you end up taking out these plates without them crashing all at once, but for now, they look pretty safe jammed in the cabinet. Looks like whoever owns this set won’t be indulging in a hot bowl of soup for a while!

#19. Elevator Shaft

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

I’ve always been afraid of my keys falling into the elevator shaft, and this is what happened the other day.” This is a major fear for many of us and for the keys to just land perfectly in between the two floors, is absolutely miraculous. After all, things like that don’t just happen on the regular. Most of us would end up having to replace our keys the next day *sigh*.

If you love chips, you’ll be awed at what this next person found in their chip bag!

#18. Massive Chip

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Have you ever seen a Cheetos puff quite so large? We haven’t either. We’re not sure if the person who found this treasure should be amused or worried. After all, it is a bit funky looking.

#17. Extra Crunchy

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

No one wants a bland piece of chocolate, so when there’s a little added crunch it makes it all that better. Here we have the perfect example of a giant crunchy candy that is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Speaking of having a sweet tooth, you’ll absolutely drool at the next sweet that someone was surprised with.

#16. Giant Surprise

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

I was blessed today with a giant donut that was made with leftover dough from my local donut shop.” A donut of those proportions is an amazing feat. We can’t imagine being able to eat that in one sitting but it’s still a magnificent dessert to admire.

#15. No Injuries

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

We can bet that the driver of this car feels incredibly lucky to still be alive. Although we are beginning to wonder how that happened to crash through the car window like that. Guess it’ll just remain a mystery for now…

#14. Could Be Worse

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

This is certainly a situation of “it could be so much worse.” It still looks absolutely horrifying, but in the grand scheme of things, this is the best thing that could have happened. Now excuse the obligatory grossed out face in reaction to this photo!

#13. Supreme Cookie

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Is this a double stuffed Oreo? Nope. Some lucky fellow ended up finding this supreme masterpiece in his cookie box. One could only dream of finding something this marvelous by chance.

Next, we have a huge, sour surprise that isn’t as bad as you might be thinking. It seems when life gives you lemons it’s doing you a favor.

#12. Big Lemon

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

My mom’s lemon tree produces the biggest lemons you’ve ever seen.” On the plus side, you’ll never suffer from scurvy thanks to this enormous lemon. Plus, now you can finally open up a lemonade stand and make some profit from these giant babies.

#11. 5-Leaf Clover

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

You may have heard of a 4-leaf clover being lucky, but what does that make a 5-leaf clover? Hopefully, this isn’t an overload of luck. Although we can’t see what the bad part of that would be?

#10. Yogurt Lid

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side
Turns out that this yogurt lid didn’t want to adhere to the typical yogurt procedure as there was none stuck at the top of the lid. Looks like this guy gets to enjoy his entire cup of yogurt without it being tarnished by any outside forces. What a lucky guy!

Next, we have someone who experienced a real-life close call when it came down to keeping their appendages.

#9. Close Call

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Working with heavy and sharp equipment can be pretty dangerous, but if you take the right precautions you can often avoid a slip-up. However, we are only human and things do happen that are out of our control. This guy got incredibly lucky that his fingers didn’t wind up severed.

#8. Small Seed

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

The seed of an avocado is one of the most frustrating parts of eating one. Just getting the sucker out is a challenge in itself. So when you find a seed that is this miniature you gotta feel pretty grateful.

Getting a mini avocado seed is one miracle but being in a near-death experience is another as you’ll see in the next image!

#7. Squirrel Luck

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Talk about one lucky squirrel. He could have been a serious goner if the tree had been cut down any lower. We’re sure he’s making the most out of his life now and enjoying all of the acorns that he can find with his newfound look on life.

Next is another squirrel that got super lucky with his life and you’ll be blown away by how!

#6. No Scars

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

I think a squirrel fell off my roof. And then it just walked away.” Are these squirrels bionic or what? This squirrel managed to fall off of a roof and just walk away as if nothing happened. If only all of us could be quite this resilient.

#5. Giant Banana

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

You won’t be short on potassium with a banana this humongous. Maybe everything else in the photo is just miniature sized and the banana is the normal one. Probably not, but it’s still a really cool banana.

Next, we have a Kit-Kat that was missing one key ingredient and you won’t believe what it was.

#4. All Chocolate

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

If you have never had a Kit-Kat before then this photo won’t make any sense. With every Kit-Kat is a wafer covered in chocolate. Can’t this guy ever get a break?

#3. Nice Fit

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

Sometimes you just have to squeeze your way into stuff to get things done. This truck driver obviously had faith in his vehicle’s size making it through the tunnel and boy did he get lucky. It’s still a pretty snug fits, but it works.

#2. Frozen Pizza Delight

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

If anyone has had a frozen pizza before, you know how they don’t compare at all to the photo portrayed on the box. However, this may just be the one frozen pizza on the planet that actually looks like it’d be better than the box version. We’re sure whoever ended up munching on this was truly satisfied.

Finally, we have a hysterical exam question that anyone would pray to show up on their final.

#1. Easy Test

Photo: Courtesy of Bright Side

You know your professor is looking out for you when you’ve got a question like this on the exam. However, if you manage to lose points because of this question then good luck on passing the final at all.

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