Career: a typical day of a nurse

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Working as a nurse is a very demanding and difficult job. There have been days that nurses would cry over their jobs. I used to work in the hospital and I’ve seen it all. It’s one of those job that you can quit and want to change career. There’re people who would change career after working in the hospital. It’s not glamorous and it can be depressing too. You’ll see sick people dying and people that are already dead. If you don’t mind these kind of problems then you’ll do just fine. I used to work with people in the stroke unit and they were dead already. I had to brush their teeth and change their clothes. It was spooky and unpleasant. I wouldn’t work in the hospital again. I prefer a nice and clean environment. I like to see happy people. I used to see family cry and medical team rushing to rescue people. I was depressed after work every single day. It’s depressing but you can earn a great living working in the hospital.

You usually work a twelve hour shift. You can work during the day or the night time. There’ll be around seven nurse per hospital floor and this could be considered low staffing. You will have to deal with low staffing. You will have to care for a lot of patients and it can be overwhelming. On any floor, you can be assign five to eight patients. This is a high ratio. The Nursing union always fight for less patient to nurse ratio. You will have a nurse assistant to do some of the easier work for you like Vitals or grooming. There will be a head nurse for any single day. They will supervise you and they will offer help if you need it. There’ll also be an RT on the floor to give patients respiratory therapygrey_loader.gif. The hospital floor is quiet most of the time. They will have camera watching everyone on the floor. You will also have security on the floor.

You get to sit once you have finish giving medication to your patient and finish assessing them. There’ll be a unit secretary who will do administrative work. You’ll need to check on your patients every four hour if they don’t have problems in between. You can have family visiting sometimes. You’ll have to deal with family that over react sometimes. There’re family members that are ill when they visit too. On any single day, you can have nurses making mistakes on the floor. You could be the nurse that made the mistakes because you’re too busy and you’re forgetful. I used to work on the floor and each day there’s some sort of mistake. You should be mindful about mistakes when you start working on the floor. Too many mistakes can cause you your license.


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