Health: herbs that can help you lose weight

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Herbs can help us in many ways, some can help us lose weight while other may act as an antibiotic. It’s right in your kitchen and you can take advantage of it. Did you know that Garlic can reduce your cholesterol and acts as an antibiotic? After eating garlic for a week, I saw a major improvement in my skin tone. My skin looks cleaner and it’s fresher than before I use Garlic. Other herbs that I found helpful was green tea, parsley, flax seed oil, and cayene. There’re numerous other herbs that are helpful that I’ve only read about them so far but I’m sure they work well since people have been using them for a long time. The Chinese are known for using herbs to alleviate illnesses.

You can try using herbs to help you with some common problem instead of going to doctor for little things. You can use green tea to help suppress your appetite and increase metabolism. Did you know that half of the ingredient of most diet pills contail green tea and the other half contain caffeine? Caffeine works to suppress your appetite too. Green tea can be bought for around $5 in supermarket. Green tea helps with a lot of other problems too. It helps with digestion. It reduces your sugar level and fight acne. It also slows cancer cell growth.

Kola nut can also help you lose weight and suppress your appetite. Kola nuts works like caffeine and it’s a stimulant. If you want to curb your hunger, you can use Kola nuts next time. Parsley can also help curb your appetite and control hunger. Carrot juice can do the same. They both can help maintain your blood sugar. Red pepper and other hot spices can help increase your metabolism which can help you lose weight. It can increase your metabolism as much as 25%. Flax seed works like fish oil to fight cancer cells and prevent it from growing. You can use flax seed if you want to prevent cancer. One powerful herb is called Burdock. It can help metabolize fat and work like a diuretic. It detoxifies the blood and lymphatic system. You can drink Burdock root to curb hunger and help you lose weight. You can cook the root and drink it when it’s cool.


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