Common Kitchen Herb And Its Health Benefits-FENUGREEK!!!

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Fenugreek helps in reducing medh-dhatu (fatty tissue) which in turn helps in reducing weight. The leaves of fenugreek in cooked form help in indigestion and relieve flatulence. In post fever convalescence and in dyspepsia (hampered digestion by any reason) they help in restoring digestive system. To some extent they help in improving functions of liver and this is the reason a soup of fenugreek with few other edible herbs is given in conditions like kamala ( a type of Jaundice).

The herb is rich in vitamins and minerals. Leaves and seeds contain calcium, phosphorus, few vitamins from B-complex group in addition to vitamin C. It is also rich source of iron. Both leaves and seeds should be included in normal diet of family, especially diet of growing kids, pregnant ladies, puberty reaching girls and elder members of family because they have haematinic (i.e. blood formation) value.


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