Sex on TV?

Sex on TV? Where? When? Why am I needing to go online and trawl through porn sites to find video’s of sex if it’s on TV? 
That’s right, it’s because there’s very little actual sex on TV, infact, I’d find you hard pushed to see any sex on TV this week in Great Britain away from the pay channels. Due to the simple fact there is pretty much no sex on television, their might be the ever terrible “sexy scenes” but that’s not the same as a “sex scene”. For example, rap music videos which show scantily clad females in underwear or swimwear dancing seductively. Now to anyone with an iota of common sense, who is genuinely offended by this, I hope you never go to a public swimming bath otherwise, your poor faint heart and right wing mind may just spontaneously combust at the sight of so much flesh on young lady’s. Is that them (the swimmers) being “sex” (as it’s often seen as a “sex” scene) or even “sexy” (if you want to go down that line), or merely wearing something in public?

If you go with the fact they are wearing swimming wear in a swimming pool, is that any better than similar girls doing it on a music video? What about girls in bikinis on the beach in a hot summers day? Exactly the same thing, they aren’t having sex, but they are just as under-dressed as the girls in the videos you’ve become “offended” by. Lets just come out and say it, the folk that don’t like those videos (myself included) just don’t like the music (OR) are rather unattractive females who are jealous of the bodies they never had. Lets be honest how many attractive 22 year old girls go “them videos are degrading to women”, now the same to 45 year olds who are bitter at the fact their husband left them for a younger model (literally) “thats really is degrading to women, ban them, ban them all, especially the black guys singing”.

OK raps not the only “culprit” of this “sex TV society”, soaps talk about sex, and have people kissing, and hugging…but then again, doesn’t the society in which these soaps are to be based? Aren’t soaps merely a rather convoluted attempt to show the real world? (in fact as I write this a piece on the radio about “snogging on TV” is being mentioned, rather incidentally). So people are wanting kissing taking off TV? I’m a rather unattractive, 21 year old guy, who didn’t kiss a girl properly until I was 16, I lost my virginity the following day to the same girl, but from school and TV I still had no idea what to do I was in bed with a gorgeous 16 year old girl and had no idea. In fact I think we’ve all been there before, now if there was all this “sex” on TV us poor befuddled teenagers would have known exactly what to do and how to please the other person. 
Instead idiots want kissing taking off TV. The thing our parents do when they get married is now seen as too hot for TV? What next? Holding hands gives a movie a 12 certificate by default? Talking about being pregnant has to be shown after the watershed? 
Kissing is natural, it’s something people in love (and lust) do, it’s just something casual and happy feeling. Is it lurid or crude? Rude or pornographic? Is it going to destroy the innocence of youth? Is mummy and daddy kissing in front of junior going to make the children go and rape someone? No of course it isn’t. Again prudes can’t see past their anti-TV views or compare TV to real life, and as a result make themselves seem relatively blinded by their lack of common sense.

Naturally every man and woman is on this world to procreate, if we didn’t our species would go the way of the Neanderthal or the Dodo, we’d die out. Naturally our body’s look for food, look for water, and look for the carnal pleasures of sex, the feeling of ecstasy as we finish in each other arms is rivalled by, well, ecstasy. The drug like rush of endorphins in our heads is a natural reaction to sexual climax, key word is again NATURAL. Sex is a natural activity, animals do it, in fact, lets be honest, where do you think “Doggy Style” gets it’s name from?  

We have nature shows all the time on TV, some of them DO show sex (of animals) but yet this is rarely questioned or wanting banned, in fact last year a famous naturalist TV presenter was told off for making rather humorous comments about beetles having sex. Something along the lines of “the beetle really is rather horny”, a pun on the fact the beetle it’s self has giant horns. Yet aside from the comment, no mention was made to it being wrong to show animals having sex, yet, lets remember, humans (homo-sapiens) are animals too. I’m not saying we are to show full sex on TV, just merely questioning the thoughts behind the often conservative views of sex on TV being apparently corruptible of the youth.

If we are to look at somewhere like Japan, who show surprising amounts of nudity in their daily papers and look at their levels of sexual crimes, we see an actual DECREASE from the level of sexual criminal offences in the western world with places in UK and America having relatively high rates. Sure this major point shows it’s not sex in the mainstream media that causes people to become “warped” but much more likely to be peoples upbringing that has caused them to devalue the life and choices of females. 

If you watch late night TV (post 9PM in the UK) very little is banned on most TV channels, the T word and full sex (licenses need to be acquired for pornography channels). The illusion of sex that’s shown after the watershed, is as deserving of complaint as a movie that shows someone getting shot.

In fact violence is a funny thing on TV, if someone gets shot in the war, programs can show perceived murder (the news regularly do). Now murder is the exact opposite of sex, it’s not natural, it’s not positive, and it’s a lot more sinister than sex, yet no complaints are made about this as it’s “educational” and in “the public’s best interest”. Rather propagandist is it not? Telling us what we want with out asking. 
Seeing animals gutted on survival shows is hardly any better, a recent BBC show on the Chinese showed a dear being effectively strangled and killed , then it later showed it being stripped of it’s coat, then cut up. Is there too much of this on TV perhaps should, be the real question.

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