Racism Debate

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A question in which i am constantly found pondering day and night as i watch the news, or read a newspaper or perhaps I’m just over hearing a conversation between my family members. But from an early age i have always taken the view, of why should we need to be racist towards people who appear different. There is no moral excuse for it, just the blind fact that when we feel inferior to someone else we pray on the people, who are even weaker than ourselves. And why is this?

I suppose it is in our nature to make ourselves feel better by making others feel worse about themselves. Personally i have no time what so ever for Racism, and i certainly hope that I’m not the only one that thinks it wrong to dismiss someone, just because their skin colour or the language they speak is different. Do we honestly as people have the right to call anyone names. No! of course we don’t.

I remember as a child watching a film with my uncle. It was about a family of African Americans who lived in a small village owned by the Americans, the young girl in the story was almost beaten to death. And even at that age i was appalled and asked my uncle why they had done that to the poor girl, after all she was merely a child. My uncle simply replied that they beat her up because of her skin colour. Shocked and horrified that i lived in such a world my reply melted his heart. I simply told him that it shouldn’t matter what kind of colour your skin is, your still a human being with a right to live on this planet as the next white person. I hated hearing family members say anything Racist it made me angry to think that i was related to people who were actively Racist in front of me, i was ashamed of them.

As i grew older i came to realise that the world was cruel to those who are different, i thanked god for the fact that i was born White Scottish so i did not have a fate the same as those poor people who get treated terribly. But hope has arrived for the new president of America as Black, how extraordinary who would have thought it, never have i had a bigger smile on my face than i did that day.

However i have a small concern, of course it is just my mind working over time, but god help us if they suddenly turn nasty and remember what it was like for their ancestors back when their was such things as lynching. Oh dear is all that springs to my mind.


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