When speaking of something being real, how is a soul similar or different from Mt. Everest?

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             I am of the opinion that reality is all a matter of perception.   So really the differences or similarities the soul and Mt. Everest have will never be seen as the same to any two people.  What makes a thing, or whatever, real to me or not real to me is how I perceive and remember whatever it may be.  The clown that I had on my birthday one year when I was little didn’t look the same to me as it did to the other kids, nor do I remember the party the same as they do.   I may not even remember how things happened exactly, but to me it doesn’t really matter.  The memory of my perceptions is real to me. 

            The soul being real or not is a matter of what a person believes about it.  The same goes for Mt. Everest.  If a person believes the soul is real, then to them it is.  Being able to see Mt. Everest does make it easier for some to believe it is more real then the soul; and to some, the feeling of a higher power is a greater proof of the soul.  I think it is all perception. 

I am me, and I am only one person, soul encompassed or not.  If I have a soul it is not a part of me I know as being separate from what I already “know” about myself.  As far as Mt. Everest is concerned, I believe it is real.  I have never seen it in person but so many others believe it to be real.  This may prove folly for me and I don’t always believe something because others do, again it is all a matter of my perceptions.  My perceptions, I believe come from my experience and the way I choose to interpret data.  


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