The Need for Anti-malware USB Drive Software

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The need for anti-malware USB drive became apparent when it was discovered that a flash drive was used to gain access to an operating system and infect it with a virus. In fact the drive was used as a host to upload the virus to the OS. Protecting your flash drives is important but protecting the operating system with anti-malware USB drive software is important as well. The reality is that the drive can clandestinely be used to corrupt an OS. The anti-malware USB drive software will reduce a substantial amount of risk especially if a company has numerous flash drives in use all the time.

Anti-malware USB Drive Software Prevents Access

To equate the amount of money a company spent on security is a mistake. It would certainly be a shame to spend thousands protecting your flash drives and not install anti-malware USB drive software to protect the operating system also. The anti-malware USB drive software will prevent the flash drive from being used as a host to a virus or worm which is uploaded to the operating system eventually corrupting data. Anti-malware USB drive software will prevent the corruption of a drive’s data due to being infected with a virus or worm from another system. Access to the OS is prevented as the virus is detected and locked down.

Drives without anti-malware USB drive software are vulnerable to access by programs designed to destroy data. It is important to realize that theft of data is not the only motive of unauthorized users. SanDisk Enterprise offers drives with anti-malware USB drive software that is effective in stopping breaches and unauthorized access. Stopping viruses before they can unleash their destructive power is easier then it might appear. A small investment in Anti-malware USB drive software can pay big dividends by protecting important data and reducing the risk of information corruption.

Protect OS with Anti-malware USB Drive Software

The operating system of a company represents a large investment in technology and should include anti-malware USB drive software. Effective system protection must include the software proven to work. Having port control and drives equipped with anti-malware USB drive software will drastically increase data and system security. Without such software a company is vulnerable to breaches. A drive with anti-malware USB drive software is the highest level of protection a company’s employees can be utilizing on a day to day basis. Putting a company’s operating system at risk is not necessary with SanDisk Enterprise’s software.

SanDisk Enterprise produces drives that can protect operating systems with anti-malware USB drive software. If the anti-malware USB drive software detects a virus the program will quarantine the virus and prevent the uploading of the virus to the operating system. Until the virus is isolated access to the OS will be prevented, protecting the system from infection. It is a good idea to equip all drives with anti-malware USB drive software for complete system protection. The technology to safeguard flash drives and operating systems is available for those who want the highest level of security possible for protecting their data.


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