How To Prevent A DUI

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1) What is the reason for your drinking? Less shy or no inhibitions? And, do you really need to drink at this function? Social drinking doesn’t mean drink a pint. It means drinking responsibly in a social setting. It is not an excuse to drink. Take it slow. A petite woman cannot handle as much alcohol as a 6ft. tall man. Make the distinction between social drinking and personal need drinking.

2) Know your limitations. Drinking can be a nice way to relax. It really doesn’t have to be a way to feel numb or to check out of the real world for a while.

If it takes three drinks to get you drunk, drink two. Pick a white wine or something light that won’t inebriate you so quickly. Drink a mixed drink rather than straight alcohol.

3) Designated driver. If you are planning a night out with friends it is always a good idea to choose a designated driver. This is a person who will not be drinking for whatever reason and will be able to do the driving and take all friends home at the end of the evening. Some people like to enjoy themselves without alcohol and they usually do not mind driving.

4) Share a cab. If you are out for the evening and end up drinking more than you thought you would why not have the bartender call you a cab at the end of the night? A lot of places now a days may have a free cab service. Take advantage of it. This could be the most important decision you make in your entire life.

5) Stay at home. One very good way to take all the possible mishaps out of the mix is to just stay home and have an intimate gathering. Some of the best parties are just inviting a few friends over, fixing some refreshments and entertaining out on that new deck you just finished building or in front of the new HD television you spent your tax return on.


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