Delay the Wrinkles

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These days, aging of the skin is hastened by many environmental factors. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to slow it down. The key is to knowing what factors can damage your skin and understanding how to protect yourself from them.

Frequent exposure to sunshine results in premature skin wrinkling and increased pigmentation (liver spots). It also increases the likelihood of skin cancer. Exposure to cigarette smoke is another environmental factor that increases wrinkling of the skin.

According to dermatologists, most of the wrinkles that we see on our face are brought by cumulative sun damage.

Aside from sun exposure, smoking cigarettes is another factor that results in wrinkles. You will see the long term effects of sun exposure when you grow older.

Melanin pigment is a form of protection from the damage the sun can bring. It is nature’s way of giving you some degree of protection from sun damage.

What are the other ways to protect yourself from sunburn and wrinkles?

Total avoidance of sun exposure. But if you couldn’t avoid it, use sunscreen or sunblock daily. There are also other physical measures like wearing of a hat with a broad brim. A cap or visor will not help much. Also wear protective clothing and umbrellas.

If you overexpose your skin to the sun, you can put soothing lotions to treat the burns. But it also depends on the extent of damage or the burn. If the burn is really worse, you need to see the doctor right away for proper medication.


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