How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

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It’s difficult to throw away things that we have memories of – even though we’re not using them anymore.

So, what do we do? We keep them. Then, they pile up. Eventually, there won’t be enough space in your house to store them. It’s time to let go. But losing these sentimental things won’t feel so bad if in the end, there’s some gain to be made. Hence, the garage sale, which is the easiest way to convert your trash into treasure.

In a garage sale, you can’t charge much even if some of your used items have designer labels.

Here are some tips on how to put up a successful garage sale:

  • Choose the right date. You should consider the weather. Check the regular weather bulletins and find out what the forecast for that day will be.
  • Ask if you need some permit before you can hold a garage sale in your neighborhood
  • Send out some flyers. You need to let the people know that you are holding a garage sale on a certain date. Ask help from your kids to put up notices or give out flyers.
  • Study your market. If your neighborhood has lots of kids, you should make sure that you have lots of items that will appeal to kids.
  • Ask your relatives and friends if they also need to sell some of their own items. But make sure you identify who owns each item so that you can keep track of the sales.
  • Make your presentation appealing to your prospective buyers
  • Price your items properly. Do that ahead of time. For books, make a large sign with a listing of prices instead of pricing them individually. This can save you a lot of your precious time.
  • Involve your kids. Your kids might have their own items that they would want to put up for sale. They can also sell snacks and drinks for the buyers. You can allow them to keep their own earnings.
  • Start early. Many people will show up hours before the sale officially starts to get the best stuff, so, be ready early in the morning.

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