Destination Garcia

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March 14, 2003

I’m currently 25 and a member of the U.S. Airforce. A few years had gone by since enlisting and I’m looking to take it a step further by saying that I just volunteered to deploy overseas. When I volunteered I wasn’t aware of the destination or the circumstances but I just got word that we were being sent to Diego Garcia, a very small tropical island. Sounds interesting! The things that lead up to this decision were far and many. I had just lost one of my best friends and all my other friends were being released from stop-loss. After struggling through this difficult and confusing time, I felt there was something missing. There were many things I wanted to do and many places I wanted to see before my enlistment was up. And more importantly, I wanted to experience new things. I didn’t care if I risked volunteering for a tour in Iraq. I wanted to grow and I wanted to do it the right way. If it meant risking my life…..well, I’m willing to accept that. May God be with us all! On that note, I volunteered to deploy overseas and was on a plane on my way over to Diego Garcia. On the way over, we stopped off in Guam(one week), Hawaii(2 days), and Japan(3 days). What an experience! Most of the time was spent in Guam where me and my 13 man team stayed down town amidst all the locals.

We finally made it to the small island after 2 weeks of traveling. We were all pretty exhausted. A few days after arriving, the war kicked off. Day in and day out, each fighter would load up with missiles/bombs and take off, only to come back with an empty load. As soon as the air war was over, our mission was complete and we received orders to take on another mission further up range. The destination was Saudi Arabia! It took us about a week to reach the place. We stopped off in Bahrain. As we arrived in Saudi Arabia, we stepped off the plane only to catch a heat wave. In other words, it was extremely hot! Around 140 degrees. And very sandy too! It took us 3 months to complete our mission and then we were on the Freedom Bird destined for home. Home sweet home!

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