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Cellphone Usage is on a steady rise

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Cell phone usage is on the rise. More people are becoming comfortable relying on cell phones and continuing to replace landlines with them. A study conducted among 878 panelists gives insight on the usage of and the reliance on cell phones in the United States.

This research focuses on the use of cell phones, and in specific the use of internet on cell phones. As cell phones are becoming more sophisticated people are able to communicate at their fingertips in a multitude of ways. Cell phones are no longer just for making phone calls. They now serve as a personalized portable device enabling users to better interact with others and the cell phone itself. With a plethora of capabilities, cell phones can be used for the internet, to text, to chat, to take and share photos, to email, to browse the internet, to play games, to navigate directions while driving, to check movie times, as well as stocks, weather, traffic, etc. The possibilities are infinite.

This study by reveals that 87% of people currently own and use a cell phone. That means that just over 1 in 10 people do not own one. One in five people no longer use a traditional landline and rely only on their cell phone. Nearly one third of the under 35 age group use only a cell phone in comparison to the nearly one in five from the 35-49 age group and the nearly one in ten from the 50 and older age group. reports that approximately half (49%) of cell phone users have access to the internet from their cell phones. Only 33% of them claim to never access the internet from their cell phone. 45% access the internet from their cell phone at least occasionally. Those who use the internet from their cell phones most often tend to be younger. Additionally, more men than women tend to use the internet from their cell phone��”52% of men and only 43% of women use the internet from their cell phone at least occasionally, while 57% of women and 48% of men rarely or never access the internet from their cell phone.

Across all age and gender demographics, email is the primary reason for using the internet from a cell phone for about 66% of the people interviewed. Next up, about 49% say they use the internet from their cell phones to kill time when bored. The reasons following were to check weather, browse websites, check movie times, check stocks, and other. For all reasons other than email, answers varied across age and gender demographics. Specific percentages can be viewed by downloading the report.

This research indicates that 19% of the people interviewed use only a cell phone. This number has increased significantly from previous years, and continues to grow. The convenience of a cell phone can not be argued. The cell phone has come a long way since it was first introduced. This tiny tool can be used in so many different ways, it would be no surprise if it replaces more than just landlines.

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