What Kind Of Men Does Woman Like? – A Chance For Guys To Improve

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That’s really interesting to know whether a woman likes skinny, fat or big buff muscular guys. Every man wants to be loved by girls. When you go through this article, you will be able to have a clear idea about what kind of a guy you should be in order to attract girls.

Women are very specific in selecting a male companion. Some women are very clear and specifically about their physical appearance, while some are very specific about the character. Also when it comes to sex, each woman has different taste and likings.

You might have experienced in your universities that woman always date big buff muscular guys, who are famous among others. Muscular guys always have beautiful ladies around them. This doesn’t mean that the others have no option. Some girls prefer skinny guys having proper height and weight. Women think that skinny guys are smart.

What Women really want?

It differs for each woman. If the woman herself is very thin, she would definitely prefer a guy who is skinny and matches her figure. Some girls are partial towards the skinny guys with enough shape. Girls are not very much concerned about the shape of the body of a guy when compared to men. However, there are females who are very fussy about the body shape too.

Some ladies also prefer guys who have lean body with little muscles but appreciable height.

Some women would get irritated with body builders as they have excessive muscular bodies. The important thing which a woman wants in her companion is personality.

In case of looks, a mediocre looking guy is what a medium beauty woman prefers. Most women think about a perfect guy as good height, broad shoulder and medium built. So be assured, you still have a chance, if you are amongst those thin guys. Just work a bit to suit the choice of women.

Start training yourself guys:

So guys stop researching just on the likes and dislike of other women. Start noticing what your girl prefers, if you are a fat guy and if your partner prefers you to become a medium built guy, just start working out in a gym. Start becoming a dream guy for the ladies.

Start to lift weights, if you have irregular body shape. Almost 90 percent of the women dislike men having fluffy body. They prefer medium built or skinny guy.

But there are exceptional girls who want their partner to look fat and big buff so that they look more attractive compared to them. But these types of girls are very rare. These consider the giant looking muscular guys for a secured lifestyle.

Where does the problem arise?

The problem arises when the guy looks skinnier than the girl. If this is happening to you, just try to put some weight because this will make your girl unsatisfied. But you don’t have to worry, if love is bound all over.

The topic – Do women like skinny, fat or big buff muscular guys? can never have an end because every woman is different and has different taste. Many women ignore the appearance and prefer character. Several others give importance to personality. So go ahead and try knowing what your sweety likes!

Every man desires to attract beautiful women effortlessly. But if you want to start dating the girl of your dreams, make sure you master the art of approaching women and learn how to pick up any girl with ease.


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