Laughing Your Way to Happiness

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Are you sad and gloomy? Do you want happiness in your life? Check out this article and start to laughing your way to feeling good. Laughing is a  known cure for the blues. It eases pain and allow us to heal quicker. Laughing can put you into state eurphouria and relieve stress. People who laugh a lot are happier and live longer.  Laughing gives us endorphins that make us feel happy. They also make us smile and laugh more. Try it and see how you feel afterwards. Keep a journal for each time you laugh and what kind of feelings you experience. Go have some fun in the sun, soak up some joy, but don’t forget to laugh.

However, work on what cause you to have pain or the pain you had experienced in the past. Find solutions that will help you heal and move on. If you have to have a good cry, go ahead, cry it out of your system, then have a good laugh. Crying releases the pain or sadness, laughing replaces it with happiness. Let the misery out of your system. Avoid miserable people or they will avoid you, because you’re starting to laugh and smile. If they want to change, they would laugh with you. If not, they will start to disappear into thin air. Many would have problems with your new found joy. In fact, they would start to hate it a lot to the point where they can’t stand to be around you. This is okay during your transitional period from gloomy to bliss. You will start to attract more happy people who smile and laugh all the time.

There are many sources that you can use to keep you laughing. Funny comic books, stand up comedy, funny sitcoms, comical movies, and etc. Have a friend tell you funny jokes. Think of joyful  and happy events that put a smile on your face. Create funny cards with hilarious characters that will give you a laugh attack. Do this all day and night, untill you laugh your way into happiness.


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