Beating The Holiday Blues

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The only problem with holidays are, they end too quickly. We spend much time in the kitchen preparing meals for friends and family who plan to visit; bringing their healthy appetites. Holidays are a time when we are able to mingle, let our hair down, and kick back for a day or two. Ever get that “blue” feeling when you look up and notice the clock approaching eight o’clock and people start to leave slowly, but surely? Some of us may have to go back to work the very next day; this can make for an even more depressing thought. Here are a few tips to beat the “After Thanksgiving Blues”.

  • The day after Thanksgiving is pretty much “down time”. Keep yourself active if you don’t have plans to visit anyone. Try focusing on those hobbies of yours: flower arranging, web designing, studying for a course you may be enrolled in. Keeping your mind and body occupied works wonders.
  • Some people can testify to the fact that cleaning house is a great way to keep your spirits up and your mind clear. Even if you are not totally into cleaning the house; find a few activities to keep yourself busy. Cleaning actually cleanses your house in a spirtual manner; ridding your space of any negative vibrations. You may choose to arrange your furniture differently. Feng Shui; the art of arranging items in a certain manner brings about a certain positive “vibe” to your space.
  • Writing assists in chasing away those blues. If you have the free time, take the opportunity to start or finish writing that book you have been putting off. While you are at it; querying a few magazines wouldn’t hurt. Utilizing your computer or laptop is not necessary. Putting pen to paper for some reason allow thoughts to flow freely. It is almost therapeutic for some of us.
  • Who says you have to stay in the house? Get out, mingle with those you didn’t have the opportunity of seeing on Thanksgiving. Go to the movies, the mall! Get out and enjoy your day off! Too many people mope around the house aimlessly after a holiday.
  • Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying the day after Thanksgiving at home. Many of us may have had to return to the grind. If you are able to; cut the day short. Some businesses may be slow. There is nothing wrong with taking a half of day to enjoy your day after Thanksgiving!

Turning the negative into positive is the way to handle any situation. You just have to ask yourself why you feel the way you do and find a way out of that feeling. Take action to beat those “holiday blues”.


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