SAMOLINA THE SAUSAGE DOG ( A delightfully entertaining short childrens story, that my children and thier friends absolutely loved)

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Samolina the sausage dog is a very long dog, a very long dog indeed and it has to be said a rather lazy dog too.One hot summer’s day while samolina was exploring in the garden, he heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen, so he went to investigate. He went to the kitchen window, stood on his hind legs and stretched as high as he could, but still he could not see into the window. So Samolina went to the kitchen door this time, he put his eye to the keyhole and tried to look in but he could not see anything. Then Samolina tried to look under the door but still he could not see anything. Samolina stood for long time thinking about what he could do to look inside the kitchen! He could call his master Roo! But then he remembered his master had gone to post a letter. Poor Samolina stood and thought for a long, long time, for although Samolina was a very long dog he had a very small brain. Then all of a sudden Samolina barked in delight for he had remembered the chimney pot! “If only I could climb on to the roof,” he thought, “I could look down the chimney and see who is there”. He rushed to the shed to get his master’s ladder, but when he tried to pull the ladder across the garden he found he could not, no matter how hard he tried. “Never mind”, he said to himself, “if I can lift those box’s down I can carry them over to the kitchen wall, then I can climb onto them and onto the roof”! But no matter how hard Samolina tried to lift the box’s he just could not.“My master can lift them so why can’t I,” he said to himself as he sat down and started to cry. Poor Samolina never realised that his master Roo had two hands because he was a boy, where poor Samolina had paws because he was a dog. Just then his master Roo came back from posting his letter and found poor Samolina crying in the middle of the garden with all the box’s and the ladder scattered all around him! Roo tried to be cross with him but Samolina looked so sad he just couldn’t be. He picked Samolina up and walked to the kitchen door but just as Roo began to open the kitchen door Samolina jumped out of his arms and rushed in to the kitchen barking and growling furiously.” What’s up with you?” asked Roo, as he stepped in to the kitchen. Samolina kept on barking and growling and there on the table eating his master’s dinner was the strangest looking animal Samolina had ever seen. It had big ears and a long tail! “It’s only a mouse you silly old thing” his master Roo said to him as he patted Samolina on the head.


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Viv Eckett


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