How to Never Lose Your Best Friend

Best friends are a gift, they are the siblings which God forgot to give us. I wrote this based upon my personal experience because I lost a best friend. I knew him for almost 20 years, we had met in Kindergarden and shared many adventures together throughout Elementary School and Junior High School. In Junior High School, a childish mistake on my behalf set us apart, resulting in a broken friendship that became slightly healed. Afterward, we parted and went to different high schools, although I found out they were both two blocks within reach. However, I realized I was too late to patch things up when I found out that he killed himself last year over his mother‘s death. I am still sad. Hopefully, you can keep your best friend after reading this.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A best friend.
  • Common sense.


  1. Stand up for him whenever someone de-edifies him. Never take the other person’s side.
  2. Make sure all grudges are settled, the last thing you want is to lose your best pal over nonsense.
  3. If he is feeling very depressed or suicidal, please take it very seriously and talk to him. Be there for him.
  4. Never go a month without contact. Continuously stay in touch with him because the longer you are away from one another, it leaves room for bad things to happen to either you or him.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Best friends are one in a million, if you were to somehow lose one, it will become nearly impossible to replace him or her the longer you’ve known them, the worse it will be.

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